Kirksaeter Prisma Speakers

Has anyone noticed these in the classified section?
I have never heard of them and can't find any info other than the company website. I know it's hard to believe but they say they're great. Hmm
The deal seams almost white van-ish. The towers are new and selling for 2/3 off retail with a free center channel thown in and the guy will pay 1/2 the shipping. What's up here? I see the company has a history and these speakers have good specs, for what that's worth.
Anybody know these?
I run the 220's in my 2-channel analog setup and my friend just bought the Prisma setup for a HT he is building. I also bought some cables from a former Kirksaeter dealer. He had very good things to say about the speakers. I am quite happy with mine and they are one of the under-the-radar speakers worth a listen. I tried to sell my Tannoy Mx HT setup so I could purchase the Prisms but ended up keeping the Tannoys. The 60 bookshelf was reviewed years ago, but everything about the speakers has been upgraded since then. I don't see how you could go wrong, especially considering the current pricing.
Are your 220's the silverline or do they make a 220 in the Prisma's? Are those tower speakers?
Could you give me a quick review of the sound?
Thank you much
I liked the Silverlines more for sure. I met Mr K when I was a dealer. Those little Silverline 60's were really something!

There are Prisma's for sale at what seems to be a great price. Can you describe their sound, fit and finish?
My 220's are towers and it's the Silverline group. The Prisma's are a different level. You've asked twice about the sound. It's hard to describe because of the sources and amplification feeding them. I use vintage solid state amplification (upgraded Sansui AU D-11) and the sound is fairly neutral tonally. It is certainly not a warm sound. The bass is great (clean w/good definition) in my romm which measures 17 x 35 w/cathedral ceilings. My cabling is 12ga Vampire Wire CCC. I've swaped out phono carts, TT mats, phono I/C's & headshells. The 220's allow me to hear each change clearly. They are well built. Mine have strips of real hardwood douwn each side. I believe the Prisma's are a vinyl wrap but done well. Again, it's to believe you'd go wrong at the price.
I have a pair of Silverline 220's that replaced my Linn Kaelidahs.
Much much better.
Very reputable seller.
Very honest and knowlegible
Kirksaeter is a very old( for a speaker) company that obviously doesn't have a big budget for advertising.
I imagine the Prismas are very good too.
Sometimes I change speakers just for the fun of it. Occasionally I will purchase a component or speaker merely for the adventure of it, and this is one of those cases. This is an instance where, apart from reviewing, I decided to buy a speaker for my third system, a casual listening rig in the family room. This is not a formal review; I have not conducted investigation of these speakers. I'm writing here my impressions of my experience with the Kirksaeter speakers I've obtained on my own.

The discussion here prompted me to purchase a set of Silverline 220 speakers, not in any official review capacity, but just for the fun of it. I feel the experience has been positive; the use of the matching 7" mid with twin 7" woofers is good for consistency in the sound from the lower frequencies up through the midrange - very seamless. One gets a sense of how much of a smooth transition is achieved with this method of driver selection, and how something is lost in the translation with many larger woofers handing off to alternatively sized mids.

The treble is not harsh, as I thought might be the case with a metal dome tweeter less than 1" diameter. However, I listened mostly with the grill on. Kirksaeter has done a nice job with making an econonomical cabinet (vinyl) appear presentable, with the wood trim strips on the front face.

I appreciate the fact that they are bi-wirable. I put them into the main system for a short while, though they are destined for the casual listening system in the family room. They acquitted themselves admirably, so much so that I may have them appear occasionally as a budget floor standing speaker for reviewing. I feel they are a very good choice for an all around well balanced speaker with smaller footprint.

Sound is vaguely reminiscent of Paradigms or PSB speakers, but with the lovely large midrange. The bass is tight, but not tremendously deep, so those who demand an "earth shaking" experience will want to add a subwoofer. The Silverline 220 could do both HT and two channel very respectably for a budget system.