Kinki on a Sunday - let us see.....

Well received, well done packaging indeed. The Kinki Studio EX-M1 has arrived. Is it as good as the users and media state? We will soon see. It will be tested up against my NAT Single. A single ended tube beast yieling 2 x 55 watts in pure class A mode. I'll keep you posted.........
Would love to see your system, that amp is an eye catcher and if it sounds as good as it looks it must be easy to live with. Tubes do suck, suck you into a great music experience. Just sayin.
Maritime51 - love your sense of humor :-)tooblue - You know when we suffer from this disease - audiophilia humanus - then it criples in your fingers to constantly get hands on new stuff. Sometimes it bothers me that I still haven't found a speaker that beats the Mirage M7Si and for the sake M3Si which I just sold last month. I regret today after receiving the Kinki because this amp grip the speaker by the balls like no other amp and certainly not in its pricerange. I will spare you for the long list of well known brands I have tried the last couple of years.Pulling more and more info out of the Mirage. I'm satisfied with the NAT it has most of the positive things from tubes and only a minor of the negative - heat and the fact that it one day need new power tubes. During this week I will spend more times with the system. I have some flutter echo in the ceiling in the middle of the room. I came to my attention after hooking up the Kinki??. Keep you guys posted. Regards Mik
I also have NAT monos, but mine are PP for 125W of pure Class A 805 tube goodness although PP. Theres no other way to keep things differential through my rig than PP if the amp is using SE tubes. I did finally try Jeff Rowland SS monos which altered my experience and went with 4 model 12 monos in a biamp config. I actually tested the Kinki integrated in the top position vs the model 12 monos ive got there there and you can actually watch and listen to the comparison on my YouTube Channel under "OCD HiFi Guy" In that comparison it was probably an unfair shake as clearly the Rowland monos had more muscle, But...... do not fret, Kinki has just released to me the newest EX-B7 Monoblocks. These are a game changer, even for people already using big bad ass monos... they are twice the power per block as the integrated and twice the power supply heft as well, and a ridiculous $3300 per pair. I have negotiated a full month of exclusive GLOBAL distribution for the next 30 days, so that means I'm excluding the rest of the world in order to make ship times faster for my USA + Canada buyers. Look for the 6 moons review as Srajan has started it and he will be receiving the newest monos tomorrow or the day after. I'm glad to see that Kinki stepped up their game Integrateds are cool, but Monoblocks dominate.

Happy Listening !Mike
batmobil curious on how you like the nat single ?
I also have the kinki but saw a used nat single & was interested in the tube amp

step up from the kinki ? better sound?  thanks for any info 

So @batmobil I see your system still has the Nat Single in it.  The Nat Single is on my short list of amps to try.  I'm thinking of buying the new + version of the Kinki amp just because seems like fun.  Any thoughts on how this ended up for you? 

BTW, I still have a pair of Mirage M3Si's that I am using for my surround speakers.  they were my fronts for years.


No. I sold the NAT. On terms of safety (electrical) its not a good design. The bottom plate is a cheap thin metal board. When you lift the amp the board touched some electrolytic caps and you get dangerous high power through your body. I swap it with a guy who said he could fix it and I got a set of Avantgarde Uno instead and some cash. /Mik