Kinima speakers?

Anyone know anything about this brand? They are/were a Canadian company so am not sure if they were ever distributed much in the states. I can only find really limited information online, some suggesting that the company doesn't exist anymore, others praising them, other's saying the guy who ran the company was a chump....

It seems like there is at least one shop in Toronto that still sells them new. Any info or real world experience and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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A good friend introduced me to these, he loves his and won't sell them, he also has Wilson Benesch Arcs, which indicates the caliber of the Kinimas.

I found a pair Hi G1s and snapped them up (I'm thinking of getting two more)

They displaced a highly regarded pair of 3K monitors (on borrow session)
It was a huge shock knowing I spent only $375.00 for the Kinimas.

They were only to be used as back-up speakers till my Dahlquists were finished.
I'm still playing the Kinimas a year and a half later.
The closed shop. It's been bought up by Accusonic of Canada who are still supporting the line. They are built well and sound decent for the price. National Sound of Canada in Toronto is a dealer and has the G1's on sale. Give em a call (416)703-1942
I am really impressed with these and thinking about getting a pair. Rx8man, you mentioned getting these for $375, was that new? The places I've seen them for have been asking for $500+ for new pairs... Maybe since you are thinking of picking up a couple more you don't want to share the secrets, but thought I would ask anyways. :)