King of the Hill

So some people have the latest and greatest chips,wires,clocks,transports and designs.Killer,Olympic,Top shelf,Untouchable on all levels,King of the Hill.Sooooo, if their ears are just average,help me out here Doctor,and are a definate part of the hearing experience,what exactly does that say about their opinions.Is it better to have the greatest ears and average gear or great gear and average ears.Yes,we all want the greatest of everything from AC outlet to ears,but if we are all lacking in one area of the auditory chain,whom can we beleive?Your thoughts mean alot to me,but nothing to the Krell,cheers,Bob
Stop it
No,I wont
Feeling a little Jekyll and Hyde this morning?
whoah, nelly, that's pretty intersting to think about. allow me to make another analogy, does the guy with the fastest car always win? will nike shoes make up for white-boy jumping (in)ability, do fancy clothes and cars make up for the fact that i am a fat, disgusting slob?

NO WAY. Bob is on to something, namely the subjective end to this hobby of our, and the fact that there is no way to know that what i am hearing is what he is, since nobody can know what/how another experiences the sense. even if we did fancy audiometric comparisons between people, someone might have better high freq. perception that another, but that still means nothing of what the barin does with that input!

So that does it - I am looking for a good set of ears on audiogon (the whole shooting match: pinna, typmanic membrane, stapes, chochlea), then i'll have my temporal cotrex (heavy in auditory processing), then the part of my thalamus that handles the routing. After all that - i'll get a tummy tuck and call it a day!
If it sounds like live performance to you, you're there!

If you're not sure (can't remember?) what a live performance sounds like, and/or how close your your audio system approaches what YOU hear at a live performance, then you really should get out more.
Reminds me of this post I read at the Apogee forum the other day:

Tiny Tim

I just read this post. Owning the VMPS RM30 i do not understand how someone would take this over a Apogee big Maggie, Soundlab etc..

quote:I have 626R w/ Auricaps, matched to a VMPS NOS sub. I have owned Quad ESL63s (and Apogee Stages, Caliper Signatures, and Divas) and the 626 has a much wider response on the top and bottom, is much more dynamic, and will play much louder than the quad, while offering the speed, transparency, and low coloration of the Quad and the Apogees. The Quad is a bit more coherent, but few speakers can best the quads in that regard. The Quad is also dipolar, which offers it's own rewards and drawbacks. I personally found the ESL 63 to be an unsatisfactory speaker for the reasons noted above; I've never been as happy with a speaker as with the 626. (I've been in this hobby seriously for 35 years, and have owned well over 100 pair of fine speakers.) The only speaker I've owned that I would take back over the VMPS is the Apogee Diva, which is an enormous dipole which I no longer have space for.
The RM30 I believe does all the 626 does on a larger scale; if my room was a bit bigger (and I wasn't still so delighted with my 626s after 18 months)I'd go with them. Taste is a huge issue, of course; YMMV.

He says that the only speaker he would take over the 626 is a DIVA. I like my RM30 too (bigger model) but i seriously would not put it up against a Apogee Maggie etc..


Wondering if this guy has the EAR or the COMPONENT thing?...or lacks both? He has owned over 100 pair of speakers he his opinion to be trusted?

It would seem that (Tiny Tim) owns Maggie 3.6's and the much larger (and better) Vmps RM-30's and does not agree with this speaker expert.

I also do not reason why opinions are worth so little to me over the years.

Thanks for your kind and biased comments,Artg, the only thing I'm onto is the fact that I have alot of wonderful and crazy friends,where else would someone recommend an ear category,we could put it below the Digital,but above the Misc. Audio categories.Pictures would help up to a point....Amen Sogood51...Nsgarch...they only let me out on short trips now,like Peter Sellers in " Being There".I apoligize for losing it,but I read this thread this AM and had to vent.Have a great weekend men and thanks for the therapy...Bob
I hear, therefore I like. I guess I'll just keep pursuing nirvana as I hear it since I can't change my ears. This is a subjective hobby and opinions are always welcome, but must be judged by our own experiences. That's why two people can find "best" in two different systems and still be both right.
Perfect sound is a complete red herring. I'm not sure great sound is even obtainable. I've writtten long, boring posts on whether live music is a good objective standard. IMO it is not, but that's for another fight.

The only time a system will sound great is when the owner/listener has determined to be content. That's a little esoteric, or nebulous for many people. Contentment is a choice, not the result of a great system. People chase an ideal they can never obtain while ignoring contentment that everyone can possess.
Sheesh, how disappointing these threads have been. First of all, i see the thread "brought to you by Simmons" and i was thinking it was by Gene Simmons. Now i find this thread and it has nothing to do with Hank Hill. Talk about let-downs... Sean
Thanks,Nrchy. I have copied your post to hang on my amplifier and to read daily. It sounds like your opinion comes from pain and experience. There is ,however, no promise that pain and experience lead to contentment. My goal is to continue to be satisfied with high value gear from PSB, Marantz , and Kimber.
It's hard when one reads Audiogon every day.
I recently saw Natalie MacMasters (great concert by the way). She played at our rotary club that afternoon before the concert that evening (really cool). Someone asked her about her fiddle. She discussed it and her bow. Her bow costs $17k, and she said that in terms of bow prices that's not really that out rageous as she's played an $80k bow. Now most of us are probably shaking our head going--it's a piece of wood with some horse hair attached to it. She said that as you get better with something you need and can appreciate better equipment (yes she even used that word). I think that's true of just about anything. If you race cars, at some point you become better than the car, and it's performance no longer challenges what you are capable of. Same is true in our hobby. As you spend more time listening critically you can pick up more subtle nuances of what is right and wrong. You want to continue to pursue what sounds right.
yeah, but will nice clothes and a fast car make up for being a fat, disgusting slob?
My wife seems to think so although in my case, its a pleasingly plump, muddy, slob ;~)