King of SE Triode Power Tubes?

There are currently three "Statement quality" sets of mono SE power amps for sale on Audiogon: Jadis-845, Jadis-300B and Air Tight-211. Does anyone have intimate knowlege of one or more? Which one would you choose? I know the 845 & 211 have more power than the 300B... is this an issue in the "big picture"? I listen to ALL types of music...
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different tubes have different flavors.. Not to mention they largely depend
on how they are used with which OPT, too. You ask anyone what's the best
and you'll get zillion answers that might not match or suit your system
or your sonic taste.

More power also does not necessarily mean better. If you have efficient
enough speakers, 8-10 watts 300B amp should be more than enough to drive the speakers properly.
The term "king" can be applied in different manners with each of these tubes. One may be "king" for power output, while another may be "king" of sonic quality, and another may be "king" in popularity.

There is no question that the 300B is the most popular and one of the best sounding of the triodes. But power output is well behind the other 2 you mention.

The tube is only a means to an end, and must be considered with the rest of the circuit in mind. The efficiency level of your speakers and your listening tastes must also be considered.

Many consider the 300B to be the best of the triodes, but many others now are moving towards 2A3 and 45 tubes, as being more delicate and detailed, albeit with less bass output. Alot depends on taste.

I personally vote for the 45 as the best triode. But it only provides about 2 watts.
Great ans.TWi I would just like to add a couple of things. 300b's if the speaker never drops below 8 the 845's and the like never are happy below 4. And all assume 90 or above sen. If you have a large room, like it loud w/ lots of ss/type bass you may be dissapointed.