King Crimsom rediscovered

One of the joys of this obsession is that good music retains it's enjoyment and also pulls for long forgotten memories when "rediscovered" - even after 25 or 30 years. I recently obtained a copy of the remastered Court of the Crimsom King cd (new HDCD release February 2005 - original release in October 1969) by King Crimsom, which was one of my favorites back in my days of teen hippydom. The remaster is quite good - better than expected. I had been looking for this for over two years, but it had been unavailable except for a few used copies that were found at used cd stores of dubious quality. (My old vinyl is still playable, but of such poor quality due to age, wear and previous poor equipment that I couldn't bear to listen to it for many many years.) I'm sure that others have had similar experiences - what is your latest rediscovery?
While you're at it, go back and listen to "Lizard" or "Islands". Islands was always one of my favorites.
After a fishing trip in June the Guy who drove was really into the blues. Saturday having heard that the first two J.Giels Band recordings had been remastered(maybe even more?) I bought their first self titled CD remastered from the Original tapes and it sounds so damn good. This is killer blues.The Morning After is just as good and I plan to buy it next week. Most of the songs on these two discs were on "Full House" one of the best live albums out there. This ain't "Centerfold" people, this is kick ass I got my mojo working blues and if you don't buy it it's like the John Lee Hooker cover on this CD says "Serves you right to suffer."
Picked up Pink Floyd's 'Ummagumma' recently, haven't heard that in eons, sheez what quality space music, Floyd invented that genre. It's been 30 years since I've heard it, was like running into an old friend.
After watching one of the Katrina relief telethons I got an itch for some Credence and got out their first with Suzy Q and I put a spell on you. Loved it dearly, although the others mentioned here will drive me back to my collection to pull them out and relisten.

Thanks for reminding me of some great older music.
Always like the pre-Belew King Crimson, but definitely didn't like the Thraaak era. However, I believe their recent one "The Power to Believe" is probably the best thing they've done in 20 years.

Certainly harder than Court or Lark's Tongue, more like their Red album, or possibly Starless.

Speaking of blues, I boke out a couple of old Savory Brown albums (Street Corner Talking, & Raw Sienna)the other day and really enjoyed the reunion.
"Looking In" is my favotite Savoy Brown album, Lonesome Dave really stretches his legs on side two. Another person in RocknRoll we lost last year.
You can still find the half speed vinyl of the King Crimson catalog on Ebay. I purchased a copy of LIZARD in mint condition for 6.oo dollars plus shipping. All of ENO and King Crimson on "Editions EG Collectors Edition" are 1/2 speed mastered and sound fantastic. They are 120 grams though. If you find some at a music store look on the label.