King Cobra vs. FIM ?????

O.K. guys. Who is the king of the hill? Please lets hear from guys who've used both cords and briefly describe your setup so we have an idea of your sound. I want to step up my setup to the top dog. Thanks in advance, Mark
Hi Mark, last time I responded to this question, Tubegroovers eyebrows got raised. I have nothing to do with FIM. I never heard of FIM until a few months ago. I guess it is easier to make backdoor accusations than it is to ask the other member where he is coming from. I have owned both and just sold my last KC. The KC is a fine PC but IMO the FIM out performs the KC in every area. I have a ss amp and tube amps and both perform best with the FIM. The FIM is smoother with less noise. If you listen to voices there is less grundge or that digilitis with the FIM. The FIM has better dynamic contrast especially in the small dynamics. Focus is tighter with everything in the soundfield eaiser to see. The bass is better detailed, tighter and in better control. The FIM is also about a $1000 cheaper. As always, you should try for yourself. The FIM is very stiff and can be a hassle to install in tight areas. If you would like more info, feel free to Email me.
I am interested in your question...however in lieu of the recent upgraded model King Cobra 2, it seems the inquiry would go....King Cobra ver.2 vs King Cobra ver. 1 vs FIM
Bruce, you stand up, and say what you want to. WITH YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH!!! I for one, want to hear your opinions. If you think FIM(or anything else) is good, bad, or ugly, tell us. There are people on this site who openly push certain product(some have been so cloying, they have lost a good deal of credibility). So why shouldn't you say what is on your mind?
Does FIM have a website or contact number?
website for FIM is or 425-868-5326
What does the FIM cord do to condition the current? With the Shunyatas its the "stardust" stuff thats around the conductors, and I know the stuff works. The FIM evidently talks about the copper quality but what do they do to cut out the crap in the current? Thanks guys, Mark.
Marklivia : with fim you get tinkerbell, too. she cuts all the crap outta the current. and, if you're really nice, she'll turn on a light when you open the door to your refrigerator!
You really should try the FIM cable prior to making such comments, Rosebud. Reminds me of the fable about the Fox and the Sour Grapes. (Just a reminder, the FIM COSTS LESS than the King Cobra, and outperforms it as well). Isn't this a good thing?
[email protected]: i have tried the fim cable, as well as the ic's and cords. BTW, this thread appears to be only about pc's. anyway, i agree that the fim is first-rate and outdoes a lot of stuff that's more expensive. soon as i have the $$, going to purchase a whole set. (i need to replace a 19 foot run of balanced ic. yikes!!) last night's post was intended to be sardonically humorous. sorry if you thought it serious. ya gotta admit, tho, that the "stardust" stuff is pretty ludicrous, even if it does work.
Marklivia- I, too, have lived with the KC and the FIM Gold powercords. Each is a great product. With that said, the FIM is the most "universal" in that it can (and should) be used throughout a system. The KC (v1 or v2) is best used on frontend equipment in my system with some other model on the amps. Given the price and performance, the FIM would be the preferred product IMHO. I still like the KCv1 (I was less impressed with the v2 even though it is more "neutral" than the v1), but the FIM would be the better way to go. Trust your own ears. Just my .02
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why, all of a sudden, are we getting all these posts from retailers? i thought ads on threads were prohibited. is there an exception now for audiogon advertisers? if so, the policy stinks. If you agree join me in letting audiogon know wht you think.
Cornfef: It doesn't really bother me, but I can see how it would others. We all have different buttons. Perhaps everybody is still worked up after the Hifi show as to why there are more now. I am not familiar with HiFi Farm but read another post by Quest for Sound of whom I recently spoke with Steve from. He was a nice guy with good advice and his post did not bother me either, I rather enjoyed it. Though I would not want to see gobs of them at the site, which could easily happen.
I meant: Cornfed, sorry for the typo - David
Before you drop big money on KC2 or FIM I would try to demo the Shunyata Hydra using your existing cords.....could save you lots of money, why play the cord of the month game?
Cornfedboy, Doesn't FIM also have some kind of unit out or coming out that is similar to the Hydra?
You hear a lot about Top Gun cords in other threads, but not in the company of Shunyata KC or FIM Gold. The comments about Top Gun are that they are excellent pc's that save versus the more expensive brands. How can that be a valid comment when they are not considered in the competition among the more expensive brands.
Sorry. I grant you that this thread compares KC and FIM, but the fact that it puts only those 2 at the top says that the comments about top gun cords must be overextended.