Kinergetics Research SW-800C Crossover settings

Just traded for the SW-800 sub towers with the SW-800C crossover in mint condition. The only manual I can find for the crossover is for the original model with two separate circuit boards. I desperately need the dip switch settings for the later crossover with the single board. The switches in the original are labeled abcdefghi. Mine are labeled sw1-sw18. Anybody have a manual to assist me in my setup? Dave

So far no replies. Surely somebody has used or knows somebody with this crossover/sub combo. I would really appreciate any help out there.
There is a manual on line I had found, it is in .PDF format. Just do a search for it using the crossover model number.

I am looking for a Kinergetics crossover for my 800 big series subs (5 woofers in each tower). Any leads on where I could find one?
Your problem is that you have the crossover that utilizes the single board but are trying to decipher the instructions for the two-board system.  I have the single-board crossover and the correct instructions.  Feel free to write me and I'll send it it to you.  Cheers!
You are correct. I would be greatful for a copy via email or fax. However works best for you. email: or fax:740.374.5908 Attention Dave
Many thanks to Ken for hooking me up with the correct manual! 
Hi Parakeet,
If you would be so kind, I, too, could use a copy of the single board manual.
Hi Dave,
Would it be possible to get a copy of the manual?