Kinergetics KCD-40 Service?

I have a Kinergetics KCD-40 "Platinum" CD Player and I have been very happy with it for 4-5 years. Recently it started creating some scratchy/distortion after 5 minutes or so playing a CD. I have cleaned it several times and it is no better. Before you ask, I have isolated the problem to it by trial and error. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or any suggestions as to who could service it for me? Thanks for your help. -Durr
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Assuming that you bought it used, this item should be around 18 years old. You may want to do a search for a replacement drive.
Probably time to upgrade. Digital technology has grown dramatically since then. Go to Quest For Sound website for very reasonable offerings
Where are you located?
Thanks. I live in Mississippi.
Try these guy's.
They got my Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 working again.
Is this the unit with the built in pre-amp?
Yes, there is a volume control knob on the front.
So your issue could very well be in the peramp section. I actually think there is an active preamp in there-not just a passive attentuater.

Could be wrong- but most likely an easier fix.

Thanks Rob. I just today took it to a local guy to check out just that.

You can use many of the parts from the KCD-55.

The thread is ovef four years old.
Your still reading it.
Because I wondered WTF someone would respond to such an old thread about a product that has long been discontinued and was Class "B" at best.