Kinergetics KBA 380 / Angstrom 100 pro/pre HT exp.

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I'm basically a 2 channel enthusiast but have a seldom used Kinergetics KBA 380 (3 channel amp). Is this amp worth keeping to build a good HT setup with an older Angstrom 100 dd/proc/pre. How would these two older units compare to the more current proc./multi channel amp combinations in the $3000.00 price range for two units. I may build around a Revel M20 or a ProAc Tab 50 Sig with a Sunfire IV subwoofer. Basically, I'd like comments and/or suggestions from HT enthusiasts on whether I should keep or unload these units or present and current owners of either units.

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I have and compared the KBA-75 to many amps, Rowland M-112, Krell KAV-2250, Pass X-250, Spectron Musician II, Linar Audio, etc. The Kinergeitcs held its own pretty well where I did not feel that I was loosing that much and in some cases the Kinner was more musical. I am not familiar with your amp but it is in the same family. I have the KBA=75 2 channel amp for sale which could aslo somplete your system.. I did buy the Pass Labs 250 amp but I think a better power cord, ICs and speaker wire may be the bigger bankg for the buck.

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Angstrom built one of THE BEST sounding Dolby Digital processors into their equipment. The combo you spoke of should sound FANTASTIC with the high quality speakers you mentioned. Good luck, I'd really like to hear how it turns out for you.
"Bigkidz", "Bea",

Thanks for your helpful inputs. Both of you confirmed my gut feelings towards these pieces. It's nice to know that members are out there in times of "audio uncertainly".

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