Kinergetics Chiro 500 or Parasound Halo A52

I just bought a Kinergetics Chiro 500 from a coworker that did not know what he had. It is in the orginal box and has been sitting in a closet in his media room for over 6 years. He remembers that it was installed by his home theater people but he never used it and had it removed in place for an avr. He thinks the amp was not used for more than 6 months at most. I am familiar with the former kinergetics and the fact that they are no longer around but I am not familiar with the actual amp itself. Is this a very good amp and how does it currently match with my Parasound Halo A52. I dont really need two 5 channel amps so was going to sell one if need be. I currently have an anthem avm 30, and dynaudio speakers being run by the Parasound A52. Any help would be great as to how good the chiro 500 actually is and how well it compares in quality to my Halo A52.
The Chiro C-500 is a really good amp. If you want to sell it I am interested in buying it. I have a Chiro C-300 I have had for years that the center channel has died and I need a replacement. Email me at if you want to sll it. Thanks, Chuck
I'd be interested in buying the C-500 if its still available.
Let me know, Bob