I am looking for the highest quality recording of this masterpiece. thanks in advance.

Jafant, I hope I did not blow it, but I may have hit the buy button too fast. Looking back I do not see Black Triangle. Here is the link. I have enough time to cancel the order if a "sonic" mistake.
they got back to me; not Black Triangle and they canceled my order. very nice. no problem. If you think/know that this cd is as good as Black Triangle, soundwise, let me know. At that price it will be there for awhile, unless one of you Davis guys purchases it. I would, however, love to get the scoop on the Black Triangle jazz.
I just received the K2 HD version today-on a quick listen I would say this is the best version I have heard....before that I would have went for the Japanese Mastersound version as being best despite it's age.

The K2 version seems to deliver more detail and instruments that sound more real.