I am looking for the highest quality recording of this masterpiece. thanks in advance.

you want the 35DP JAPAN CD (black triangle).
watch ebay frequently and you will find a copy.
Buconero: do you have information about when we might see a Blu-Ray version?
Jafant, since I already hit the purchase button on ebay and paypaled them the $$ (Don't worry I'll take it like a man if I f***ed up) so it is fete acomplais. I paid $109 for Kind of Blue 35DP Japan CD Black Triangle, as you prescribed; out of print "First Pressing." I have no clue what that means. First pressing? Like virgin olive oil? What's that about? It's coming from Japan so it will be awhile, but I'll give everyone the sonic scoop, and hopefully a big fat thank you to you.

Jafant, I hope I did not blow it, but I may have hit the buy button too fast. Looking back I do not see Black Triangle. Here is the link. I have enough time to cancel the order if a "sonic" mistake.