Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.

I've been listening to jazz for only about a year. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan yet but I am growing more and more fond of Kind of Blue. Last night I was looking around on eBay and saw a Kind of Blue MoFi hybrid SACD. It was $30, new, and on an impulse I bought it.

I have never bought and do not own any SACDs. (I have an Oppo player). I also know nothing about MoFi other than an association with high production quality.

Anyway, I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this SACD from a quality standpoint. According to the dynamic range database virtually all releases of Kind of Blue are superb from a DR standpoint so that should not be an issue. I did read that on some CD releases prior to 1992 the timing was off which cause slight pitch issues. I am assuming this SACD would not suffer from that issue but have no way of knowing but probably don't have the ears or familiarity with the album to know.

@jafant My main system: Audio Research LS-15 tube pre-amp, Proceed Madrigal HPA-2 amp (Levinson), Oppo BDP-105D player, Aerial Acoustics 7B towers with Transparent Super Bi-wire cables.
n80, I thought you had the newer AR LS-16 pre..........Of course, Kind of Blue set a standard for musical writing, arrangements, band leadership and musicianship. Genius, in fact. Miles went through many " changes " during his career ( as many musicians / bands did / do ). Another favorite MD recording for me is " A Tribute to Jack Johnson ", recorded in 2 sessions in 1970, released on cd in '92 ( Columbia Jazz 47036 ). Miles was an amateur boxer, and the two tracks on this recording tell the tale of a boxing match and recovery of a fighter ( based on a movie documentary ), of his favorite boxer / fighter, Jack Johnson. IMO, everything I indicated above about KOB, has been applied here. In fact, my buddy who got me into Miles so many years ago ( wow, I am old ), only, many years later, heard of the " Tribute " album from My best, and enjoy !
@mrdecibel It was a typo. You are correct my pre is the LS-16 (earlier version) not LS-15. The later model LS-16 MkII had a different tube configuration.

I will definitely look up "A Tribute to Jack Johnson". Thanks for the tip.