Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.

I've been listening to jazz for only about a year. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan yet but I am growing more and more fond of Kind of Blue. Last night I was looking around on eBay and saw a Kind of Blue MoFi hybrid SACD. It was $30, new, and on an impulse I bought it.

I have never bought and do not own any SACDs. (I have an Oppo player). I also know nothing about MoFi other than an association with high production quality.

Anyway, I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this SACD from a quality standpoint. According to the dynamic range database virtually all releases of Kind of Blue are superb from a DR standpoint so that should not be an issue. I did read that on some CD releases prior to 1992 the timing was off which cause slight pitch issues. I am assuming this SACD would not suffer from that issue but have no way of knowing but probably don't have the ears or familiarity with the album to know.

there is the current MoFi SACD as well as the Columbia late 1990's SACD (stereo only version). Both are excellent to my ears. It is simply a preference.

Happy Listening!
"I'm going to follow the connections of the late 50s for a while."

50'-early 60's might be "the pocket" of the "straight ahead" heavy hitters. Enough to keep you busy for sometime. After that period, many supporting sidemen  ventured on their own-post Bop, Fusion....

I own it and enjoy it very much.

I have zero issues with it and only pure enjoyment.

I almost always listen to it in my studio on the mastering system and it holds up really well techniquely and the performance is stellar.

You made a great purchase.
When you start a thread with "Miles Davis" in the title, you're going to get plenty of discussion.  This has been enjoyable.

Just want to reiterate - let's always be thankful that the art of recording had been nearly perfected (at least for small combos) by the time all this great music was laid down in the 50's.  Here we are (60+ years later) marveling at what we hear.