Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.

I've been listening to jazz for only about a year. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan yet but I am growing more and more fond of Kind of Blue. Last night I was looking around on eBay and saw a Kind of Blue MoFi hybrid SACD. It was $30, new, and on an impulse I bought it.

I have never bought and do not own any SACDs. (I have an Oppo player). I also know nothing about MoFi other than an association with high production quality.

Anyway, I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this SACD from a quality standpoint. According to the dynamic range database virtually all releases of Kind of Blue are superb from a DR standpoint so that should not be an issue. I did read that on some CD releases prior to 1992 the timing was off which cause slight pitch issues. I am assuming this SACD would not suffer from that issue but have no way of knowing but probably don't have the ears or familiarity with the album to know.

@tablejockey I’m also at a happy point as far as systems go. And as with other hobbies, once I get to that point gear no longer interests me. I decided a while back that vinyl was not my thing. Not a knock on anyone who loves it but the level of commitment it takes is simply not worth it to me. So I spend a lot of time exploring stuff. Like jazz. I also search out and buy the best quality CDs I can find for music that is important to me. I just like having some sort of ’hard copy’.

@keegiam I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that A’gon is often a place of strife between the believers and the deniers...across the audiophile spectrum. I used to wade into those pig wrestling matches but I don’t anymore. Its pointless unless you like that kind of sparring. But, a lot of folks like it and a lot of folks like inciting it. I sometimes find myself doing that and immediately wishing I had not. I should not have mentioned that $600 liquid you paint on your terminals. It was not relevant to my original post.

@whart I’m pretty much of a Philistine when it comes to jazz. Watched the whole Ken Burns series and was intrigued. The story of jazz is a great story. So is the story of the blues, which I love, and country music too, which I generally cannot tolerate. I like the interconnectedness of jazz and even in my brief foray into it that aspect is fascinating and as you say, a great basis for exploration.

Thanks to everyone for great conversation. Looking forward to the SACD arriving. In all honestly, given my not-so-golden ears, I doubt I’ll notice a big difference from Qobuz but I will still be happy to own a quality hard copy of that album. Also looking forward to continuing to explore jazz in my own slow way.

Great posts today.  Everything very well said. 

Enjoy your journey n80.  Obviously many in the jazz crowd are very passionate about the art form.  Hopefully you'll let us know in 6-12 months how your exploration went.  (You'll get the most attention and best advice on "Jazz for Aficionados" - 26,000 posts.)
Thanks. I started the journey about 12 months ago but it just sort of faded away but now its getting rev'ed up again so who knows, maybe it'll take this time.

Just listened to Cannonball's "Somethin' Else" and really liked it. Miles shines on this one too.

I've lurked in the Aficianados thread a bit. Waters a little deep for me there. Jazz, like any other genre I suppose, is so broad and it is tough to just jump into random stuff. I think I'm going to follow the connections of the late 50s for a while. Late bop/early modal. Need to give A Love Supreme a few more critical listens. I like Blakey's "Moanin'".
there is the current MoFi SACD as well as the Columbia late 1990's SACD (stereo only version). Both are excellent to my ears. It is simply a preference.

Happy Listening!
"I'm going to follow the connections of the late 50s for a while."

50'-early 60's might be "the pocket" of the "straight ahead" heavy hitters. Enough to keep you busy for sometime. After that period, many supporting sidemen  ventured on their own-post Bop, Fusion....