Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.

I've been listening to jazz for only about a year. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan yet but I am growing more and more fond of Kind of Blue. Last night I was looking around on eBay and saw a Kind of Blue MoFi hybrid SACD. It was $30, new, and on an impulse I bought it.

I have never bought and do not own any SACDs. (I have an Oppo player). I also know nothing about MoFi other than an association with high production quality.

Anyway, I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this SACD from a quality standpoint. According to the dynamic range database virtually all releases of Kind of Blue are superb from a DR standpoint so that should not be an issue. I did read that on some CD releases prior to 1992 the timing was off which cause slight pitch issues. I am assuming this SACD would not suffer from that issue but have no way of knowing but probably don't have the ears or familiarity with the album to know.

Unfortunately i do not have any LP or CD to compare but the first release on SACD, Columbia, stereo, single layer, is very good, as most of first SACD releases from Sony.

"I just haven't been able to pull the trigger..."

n80-there is someone using that stuff. Hopefully they hear everything the website claims! I bet there is  someone  using it on cables that cost LESS than the actual product.

The best way to discover Jazz is to go backwards in time. Find out who Miles and company played with and their inspiration.  It's limitless.

"2,000+ posts and you think non-audiophiles enjoy the music music more? C'mon."

Where in the post or the 2K+ do I  mention such claim? The OP appears to interpret  my comment as  intended. 
@tablejockey I didn't (and don't) intend to start an argument about what works and what doesn't. I am pretty jaded about a lot of claims aimed at audiophiles but I do have good equipment and expensive cables. BUT, the claims made in the ad for that $600 liquid read just like claims you see on literal snake oil. The claims are also quite inconsistent.

Having said that, I'm sure there are people buying that stuff and I'm sure there are people who hear a world of improvement with it and swear by it. And more power to the folks that make it and sell it. They certainly aren't hurting anyone by doing so unless it is made out of baby kittens.

And yes, your point was well taken about being finicky. I think each of us has to find the point where the music and the quality of its reproduction meet in a way that we enjoy it the most. That point is going to be very different for different people. I can't claim to be immune to the pursuit of quality (or why would I have purchased a SACD while at the same time using Qobuz?). But, I genuinely do not have the ears or the necessary refinement for the next level of quality (and the cost that goes with it) to be meaningful to me.

I'm in $20K deep... No mas!

I direct all my audio OCD toward finding the best used LP these days. Since you're just getting your feet wet with Jazz discovery, you made a good choice with KOB.

Just be prepared  if you ask for Kenny G recommendations.

No big deal.  My apologies, but when you stated:
That makes you the most enlightened here. Just enjoying the music.
my inference was that those who eschew vinyl or high end gear are more "enlightened" than those who are into more faithful (and expensive) reproduction.  I'm sure that's not exactly what you meant, but I've gotten that kind of feedback from some over the decades.  Should just bite my tongue as I usually do.  Enjoying the music is the ultimate aim of most of us here, whether it's on cassette tape or a $100k turntable.