Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.

I've been listening to jazz for only about a year. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan yet but I am growing more and more fond of Kind of Blue. Last night I was looking around on eBay and saw a Kind of Blue MoFi hybrid SACD. It was $30, new, and on an impulse I bought it.

I have never bought and do not own any SACDs. (I have an Oppo player). I also know nothing about MoFi other than an association with high production quality.

Anyway, I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this SACD from a quality standpoint. According to the dynamic range database virtually all releases of Kind of Blue are superb from a DR standpoint so that should not be an issue. I did read that on some CD releases prior to 1992 the timing was off which cause slight pitch issues. I am assuming this SACD would not suffer from that issue but have no way of knowing but probably don't have the ears or familiarity with the album to know.

IMHO, the Mofi SACD is an excellent version and you don’t need to try to find something better. It does play at the correct speed. You’re right that some of the earlier CD versions did not.

If you want to learn a little about what goes into finding the "best" version check out this thread from the Steve Hoffman Music Forums:

(1) Best Sounding Version of Kind of Blue | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Those forums are where sound quality is discussed. If you go there, you may find that differences in sound quality discussed there may not be as significant to you as they are to some people on those forums.

That thread discusses both digital and vinyl versions, so that complicates matters too.

I only own three versions of KOB - early Columbia vinyl, 1995 Classic Records double vinyl (includes original and corrected speeds for Side 1 - the corrected tracks are in sequence on the 2nd disk) and the 1996 Columbia SACD.

Of these, I think the double vinyl is best in every way.  Can't help with any others.  I just wanted to stress that, if I could choose a "cost-no-object" recording, it would be KOB.  If you love the album, my advice is to spend whatever it takes to get what you believe to be the best version.  To do that with every title we want would be nuts, but some warrant it.
Thanks guys. Good info. It sounds like I didn't screw up at least. For $30 I thought it was worth trying.

Not into vinyl. And in reality I'm not super finicky in terms of being an audiophile. CD quality has always been good enough for me as long as DR was good. For whatever reason DR is my sensitive spot.

For what its worth, the Qobuz hi-res version of KOB sounds pretty good to me.

Off topic, but what would be your recommendation for further exploring Miles Davis or similar artists? I like A Love Supreme but it is a bit beyond me I think. Bitches Brew is not my cup or tea in any way. I understand it was a departure from Davis's post-bop/modal stuff.
I’ll throw out these Miles albums as essential listening: the live album “Four & More” (which btw MoFi also issued an excellent-sounding version of); “E.S.P.”; and “Miles Smiles.” 
Miles Smiles can be initially hard to wrap one’s head around but with time, it’ll open up doors to other artists and styles. 
I'm not sure if any of the digital versions of KoB matches the superb Classic Records cut.

Or even get close.