I am looking for the highest quality recording of this masterpiece. thanks in advance.
There are some previous threads on this subject that you may want to check out if you haven't already. Inevitably though any answers to a question like this are always subjective. I can't speak to Kind of Blue on vinyl, but when it comes to releases on CD, I suspect they all leave something to be desired. I just purchased the $40 K2 HD reissue and to my ears it is better than the redbook versions I've heard, but not enough better to warrant its price. Although I prefer the trumpet and saxophone sound on the K2 HD compared to my redbook version, I was surprised to hear background hiss on the K2 that is not present on my redbook version. Go figure. Incidentally, Mobile Fidelity plans to put out an SACD. I wonder now if I should have waited to try that one.
lp, cd or download?
Get the reel to reel masters.
I have the Columbia recording on CD. It's awesome.
I have the Japanese SACD recording. It is wonderful, a little less hiss than the Columbia.
I have many versions of this
1-sacd (jpn)
2-mastersound mini lp
3-gold mastersound
5-original master series
and the best version
6-K2HD which is sublime
Troutfisher, will I be able to plays those babies on my cdp?
Gz that MF will be worth the wait
Bifwynne, I too have that recording.
Stereo 5, Obviously you have listened to the Columbia recording. Any other positives concerning the fidelity other than less hiss?
Troutfishing reel to reel? get real... :)
I am doing this from memory but I think it was mostly the hiss that stood out for me. I did notice the horns in a couple of spots on both recordings sounded a little brash, then clears up. If you don't mind the hiss, get the Columbia. It's much cheaper. The sacd is around 60.00 shipped to the USA.
I will second the K2HD CD. It's the best I've heard and I've owned just about every CD version available at one time or another. It IS pricey though.
K2HD CD is really quite good and noticably better than any other version I've heard. The bite of the saxes is astonishing and all around very musical. I've not heard any SACD version.


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All must wait for the bluray issue, which I am sure will be the best issue. For now I give the r2r version the highest media reading, and yes I have all the others too.

you want the 35DP JAPAN CD (black triangle).
watch ebay frequently and you will find a copy.
Buconero: do you have information about when we might see a Blu-Ray version?
Jafant, since I already hit the purchase button on ebay and paypaled them the $$ (Don't worry I'll take it like a man if I f***ed up) so it is fete acomplais. I paid $109 for Kind of Blue 35DP Japan CD Black Triangle, as you prescribed; out of print "First Pressing." I have no clue what that means. First pressing? Like virgin olive oil? What's that about? It's coming from Japan so it will be awhile, but I'll give everyone the sonic scoop, and hopefully a big fat thank you to you.

Jafant, I hope I did not blow it, but I may have hit the buy button too fast. Looking back I do not see Black Triangle. Here is the link. I have enough time to cancel the order if a "sonic" mistake.
Ignorance...bottom line is there a Black Triangle? I'm confused. Set me free
they got back to me; not Black Triangle and they canceled my order. very nice. no problem. If you think/know that this cd is as good as Black Triangle, soundwise, let me know. At that price it will be there for awhile, unless one of you Davis guys purchases it. I would, however, love to get the scoop on the Black Triangle jazz.
I just received the K2 HD version today-on a quick listen I would say this is the best version I have heard....before that I would have went for the Japanese Mastersound version as being best despite it's age.

The K2 version seems to deliver more detail and instruments that sound more real.
I purchased the same. should be here in a couple of days. We'll hear...

historically, the black triangle CD came directly from Japan around 1983/84. These discs are the most valuable and have the best sound, IMO.
Second note,

a close 2nd CD is the 1986 CBS made in Austria edition.
I ordered the K2 HD Kind of Blue as it was once advertised as a HDCD recording from Music Direct. It is not a HDCD recording and I was refunded. I did compare it to the Columbia Legacy Edition for 13.99 from Amazon which is the 50 year remaster with additional live version cd. I could not justify keeping the K2 version at $40.dollars. The Columbia Legacy sounded just as good to me...
Exocet954 I have to disagree the K2 HD sounds considerably better to my ears than the 50 year remaster but I am going to give it a whirl again just to interested to hear what Warrenh found with his new disc.
I have to say the K2 HD is as I thought noticeably better. There is a volume difference the K2 is slightly louder than the 50th which on first serious analysis throws you when you adjust the volume for listening to the 50th but you can actually hear it in the first few bars when the bass run on So What appears the k2 version defines the notes much better...I hear detail and space around that I have never heard before.

If you really crank the 50th version you can almost hear that detail but when the rest of the ensemble come in it is really loud plus the cymbals sound more brittle and harsh.

The K2 version has a fantastic balance of detail, dynamics and smoothness that is a bit unusual in digital some SACD can do smooth but not dynamics as well.

It is a very well mastered dic but I would be interested to hear other opinions on this.
I'm pretty content with the Legacy edition as well...also have an original lp pressing that I burned...both are about as good as it will get...the master tapes were a bit hot...and they are getting old
Phasecorrect have you heard the K2 version? If not that is some statement.

Also the Japanese Mastersound CD version surpasses the Legacy edition in sound as well.
= real to bottom the best I have heard. great recommendation...thnx
After reading the good reviews I ordered again the K2 Kind of Blue. Spend more time listening and it is better than the Legacy 50 year remaster. I was wrong in my first posting. Matching output levels are important. The K2 wins.
Exocet954-glad you are enjoying the disc.
I went with the 45 rpm DBL LP
One other edition that hasn't yet been mentioned is the re-equalized version put forth by Pristine Audio. Their process seems interesting, but, as yet, I haven't heard it. More info at:

Anyone heard it?
I have just bought the FLAC version of the Pristine Audio version-will get back with an update.
Initial thoughts are that the FLAC version of the Pristine Audio doesn't add much but there are noticeable level differences the K2 version is much louder.

Indeed my initial thoughts were that PA version was maybe more relaxed sounding.

What is interesting through headphones-Grado SR125 than the PA version has noticeably less background noise than the K2 version-as Phasecorrect points out earlier the recording is quite hot but interestingly enough you don't hear the background noise when the disc is coming through my speakers.

I'd need to hear the PA version more but it seems lacking in presence and presentation in comparison to the K2.
I think we may just have the best digital version of KOB ever.

The new HD tracks version.... this is a new version.

Superb clarity with the edge taken off of the horns, this really is special.
Ben, is the HD Tracks version of "KOB" redbook CD or a higher rez format?
Its 192Khz and 24 bit but if you search the web you'll see how they redid the master tapes........that seems to be the most crucial part.

This version and the Mono version are really on a different level from previous digital incarnations
At any rate, no download is going to better the physical format.
At any rate, no download is going to better the physical format.
And why is that?
Jafant, you may wish to rethink that statement. It's not voodoo.
No rethink is required. I stand (very) firmly on my assessment.

I'm with Drubin.
You need to listen to it then.

This is a new version and it is the best version I have heard on digital.

Have you heard it?
But Jafant, tell us why no download will better the physical format. Is this for KOB specifically or for everything? We want to know what you know.
Can one get the high-rez version on disc?

If not, where does one get the mono version?

I could find neither on Amazon.

The hi-rez versions are downloads. You can get the mono or stereo version at HDTracks
Mobile Fidelity has been advertising an SACD version of KOB for a couple of years now, but the release date is still To Be Announced. Only time will tell if they ever get it released.
Just a heads-up - The Mobile Fidelity KOB SACD has been released. Was it worth the wait? Well, I don’t know... I pre-ordered it in 2011 and that’s a long time to me.

Qualitywise and subjectively speaking, it might be a little on the polite side compared with other issues that I’ve heard... which isn’t entirely unwelcome IMO. I’m not very good at detailed reviews so I’ll just say I’m very happy with the results. It easily trounces both the the standard and SACD versions that I already own.
Stay away from the new vinyl re-issue. I have purchased 3 copies in an attempt to get a clean one. The first had some crunchies on side two, the second had a bad tick....tick....tick on side two and the third the hole was off center creating a bad sounding piano in the inner grooves. Outside of this it was promising.

I do have a dvd-a copy, which is very clean and dynamic but I'm partcial to vinyl. My 70's Columbia is just okay.