KimberKable BiFocal-XL or Kimber Select 3033

Has somebody experienced both KimberKable BiFocal-XL and Kimber Select 3033 speaker cables ?
I am hesitating between these two cables.

Is the KS 3033 a bit better, but, if so, does the BiFocal-XL sound as good (possibly better ?) as it's biwired ?

Thank you for your insights.
Hi Adhoc - what amp speakers are you running? If your speakers NEED a bi-wire then go with the Bi-FocalXL as the Select is strictly a single stereo cable. If you wanted to compare relative sound quality, then compare Monocle XL with the Kimber 3033 Select. In some cases the Monocle will be the better cable and in others, the Select would be the better performer, so this is something that you should TRY for yourself in your own system from somebody like the Cable Company who has them both.
Thank you.
I have Accuphase amp and preamp, and Zingali Monitors 115 as speakers.
Lamm LP as phono preamp.
PS Of course, the Zingali can be be-wired,like all (most?) speaker, but it's not an obligation, isnt'it ?
Call Dick Diamond at Kimber. He is a straight shooter and will tell you exactly what the differences are.
Excellent advice Raquel - Dick is a good guy and should be able to determine what will work better with this eauipment. I have no experience with these speakers, so I would be guessing on this - sorry.
Thank you.
Yes, I have sent an email to Dick Diamond at Kimber, as it's more convenient for me than telephone from Switzerland.
It sometimes takes Dick a few days to respond, but he will, in detail.

I owned 3033 and 3038, and both are lovely cables. The 3033 provides really high value for the money.
I had 3033, monocle xl and bifocal xl. All sounded very similar. May be 3033 had a trace better base.
For those interested in this matter, here are the informations I got from Dick Diamond, Kimber Cable.

"Thank you for your question regarding speaker cable. I'm afraid I haven't yet had a good opportunity to hear the Zingali speakers. I am familiar with their basic design, especially the beautiful wood horn tweeter.

The question you posed is really the most important, "should you use a slightly better cable in single wire format or bi-wire with a slightly less expensive cable?" The only truly accurate way to answer this question would be to ask the designer of the speakers if he optimized them for bi-wiring? Since speaking with the designer is probably not possible we must use our best judgment.

Naturally, my first recommendation would be to use a bi-wired set of the KS3033. In other words two runs of KS3033 per speaker. I like how the high frequency sweetness of the KS3033 would compliment the horn tweeters of your speakers. This high frequency sweetness and even tonal balance of the KS3033, even in single wire, would be a very good match for your speakers.

However, I would be led to believe that the Zingali's really like to be bi-wired. This would make a good case for using the BiFocal XL which would give you the beauty of bi-wiring with the great Kimber sound. And you would only have one "big cable" running along the floor to your speakers. The technology of the BFXL (BiFocal XL) is from the Select series. Namely that the conductors are braided around a very special core material.

So, which is more important? I would say that the most important thing with your speakers would be to bi-wire them. The BiFocal XL would be an excellent choice. If it made sense for your budget and you didn't mind seeing two big runs of cable going to each speaker than a bi-wired set of KS3033 would be wonderful."