Kimber vs. Chord

In the spirit of due diligence, I am continuing to look at speaker cable alternatives to replace the old Monster XPs in my new system. Two good options that are available in bulk here in San Diego for roughly the same price are Kimber 8TC and Chord Odyssey 4. Would be great to hear if anyone has any experience/opinions to share regarding the relative merits of these two.

A little bit about my new system to help:

Creek Destiny Integrated
Music Hall CD25.2
PSB Synchrony OneB
Nordost Baldur interconnect
Speak cable runs are pretty long, about 17 feet from the electronics.

Thanks in advance!
jonsocal The Kimber 8TC has been around for awhile, and if you were to buy a pair used, you would have no difficulty selling them for what you paid(in the unlikely event that you didn't care for them). They are hard to beat, at any reasonable price, with regard to transparency (from top to bottom).
I have a Creek Destiny amp with Kimber 8tc. Works very well.
Don't know if this info will help you: (
why dont you try Audio Art.
The IC-3's and SC-5s sound great with my cd 25.2 and evo amp. And Rob's a great guy to deal with.
Thanks for the suggestions and comments! Moving the ball forward a little, I am adding another cable to the short list: Synergistic Tesla Series Alpha Quad. All three are about the same cost, but I suspect much different in performance. Comments welcome!

I have the same question but for a 30 feet situation; did you get any resolution Kimber vs Chord ?
What is the price order of magnitde you can get?