Kimber Trifocal or Other Tri-Wire Options?

I am a believer in bi-wire and tri-wire, etc. (used to quad-wire the Linn Akurate to great results). Currently, our KEF 201/2s are tri-wired. ICs are KS-1136 throughout, and we are very happy with them. Current speaker cables are a mixed salad pairing of Anti-Cable Level 3 together with Canare 4s11, and it sounds remarkably good. It is, however, unsightly and unweidley (and there is always room for sonic improvement). I am curious about Kimber Trifocal XL (the "X" model is discontinued), but have been unable to find much commentary. We listen to all types of music, with an emphasis on live rock. Does anyone have experience with Kimber's Trifocal speaker cable? Or, can anyone recommend other tri-wire speaker cable options?
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Taking another run at this post; any input appreciated.