Kimber Timbre vs Hero

Is there anyone out there who'd reccommend one over the other? How much of a upgrade are they over PBJ?
The Kimber Kables that I've used (Hero, Silver Streak, KCAG, and now KS 1130s) have all been transparent, open and accurate. Each step up in the product line just delivered an increase of the same great attributes. They didn't offer the Timbre when I first tried their products against the likes of AudioQuest, Zu, WireWorld, etc. While I've sold all the other brand interconnects, I've held onto my first pair of Heroes for utility hook-ups(signal generator, analyzers, testing other equipment). You can't go wrong with the Hero, and there WILL be an audible improvement over the PBJ, if your system can resolve it, and you know how to listen for it. Buy them used, and if you should decide you don't care for them: You'll easily get all your $$ back. They're very popular and sell quickly. Any step up the product line that you make will be worth the money too.
Buckbo44 -

I had been using PBJ for almost 5 years but I recently changed to Hero... The difference is, as Rodman999999 suggested, indeed audible provided "your system can resolve it". I suspect if your system performance is not up to the potentials of Hero, I highly doubt you'd hear much differences. But in my case, Hero got rid of digital edgieness and tightened bass significantly without sacrificing the details. My system are Vienna Beethoven Baby Grand and YBA Integre DT amp/cd, and Oyaide Tunami PC/outlet and DYI SC.
Hope this helps.