Kimber Silver Streak vs. Nordost interconnects

Which interconnect do you think would work best with my system? Kimberkable Silver Streak, Nordost Blue Heaven, or maybe Red Dawn? My current system is comprised of an audio refinement integrated amp and CDP, plus Castle speakers. Speaker cables currently in use are Nordost Solar Wind. I value both detail and soundstaging. Many thanks for your comments.
I have a Linn System (Genki, Wakonda, LK85) with Blue Heaven IC and Solar Wind speaker cable. I cannot say much about the Silver Streak, but I tried the Kimber PBJ and Hero in my system. The Blue Heaven showed much better synergy in this system, mainly because all the advantages of the Solar Wind (detail, speed) are now kept throughout the system. The Heros in comparison sounded almost canny in the midrange. With the Blue Heavens i noticed a slight brightening of the sound with extended highs, however not as much as when changing from the Kimber 4VS to the Solar Wind. The main improvement as with all Nordost cables were in speed, timing and pace.

If you like the Solar Winds, I would give the Blue Heavens a try, but be careful trying new cables, they did take more than 80 hours to be broken in, where I avoided to listen to the system.

Please let me know if you get to try both. I was originally considerding the Silver Streak in my sytem as well.

Good luck,

The Red Dawn will sound even more transparent in the top octaves than Blue Heaven, but POSSIBLY will exaggerate transients, resulting in a lighter perceived balance. That slight "clickiness" (also there with Pro-Silways and Siltech) disappeared when I went to SPM, interestingly.
I never tried Silver Streak as reviews led me to believe it was even leaner than RD.
I tried the Silver Streaks, and the best way I can describe them on MY system is "shrill". I had highs everywhere..glaring, obvious, overbearing highs. I let a friend use them on his system, and he loved them, so I sold them to him. He is way happy with them. My suggestion is try renting a pair from the cable company, and try them first!