kimber silver streak vs Audioquest colorado

I am currently looking for a cable to run my Cary audio slp-98p preamp to my cad120s power amp. I have already bought a 1 meter pair of silver streaks for my cary cd303t sacd player to my old sli-80. And using them in my new upgraded system to my new preamp to my cd player. Which works wonders with the cd player to the preamp. When I demoed my preamp to my power amp at the dealer, he hocked up Audioquest Colorado interconnects between the two. So wondering which of this 2 is a better buy? From the preamp to the power amp.

I need to consider are.
-need at least 1.5meter pair to reach my floor power amp stand so Colorado gets more pricey then the silver streaks with the WBT 0147 ends at that length.
-my speaker cables are Kimber Kable 12tc with WBT bananas 15' long
-speakers totem forests
-run my amp in just triode mode both phono and cd.
-which gives more defined throaty bass (sub Like) which totem forests are known for.
-yet give a clean clear image of things.

Sticking with only these 2 cables since have been tried at the dealer.
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I was going to get the AQ colorado XLR for DAC to Ayre AX7e, but then went with Lapis upgrade. The dealer sells AQ and Kimber. The AQ to me is the most neutral cable I've used and I had all MIT before that (higher end lines). I've used some Kimber in other systems and liked it, but didn't love it. You really need to speak with your dealer to see what he likes best and what the sound differences are. I'd personally get both on loan and see which how long I'd listen to the system during a two day stretch with each.
I use a Kimber silver streak between my Esoteric SACD player and my tube preamp. I was looking for a little more sparkle on the highs and the silver streak didn't disappoint.
I have the AQ and I've heard the Kimber. For me, the AQ is a better cable overall. Also, I never like anything silver between an amp and a preamp.

If price is an issue, there is not a huge difference between Colorado and Columbia. Or even between Jaguar and Panther. I remember when Colorado and Columbia first came out, Cable Company was saying they only released them to get fresh reviews. I currently have several pairs of all 4 and can tell you they're all great.