Kimber Silver Streak for a warm system

This is a question to those of you who have used/experienced Kimber's silver cables (Silver Streak, etc.)

I'm thinking of trying Kimber wire and would love to hear your thoughts/impressions of whether their silver would be a good choice for a system that was a little more on the relaxed side. I have a Neko D100, Anthem 225i and Paradigm Studio 60. Whatever your experience is, please share.

Thanks in advance.
Find a good used pair of AQ Cheetah. There's no comparison, its a much better cable. The solid core is also a better match for your aluminium tweeter.
I did just that in my system. My Esoteric sacd player was using a cable that made it sound slightly dull in the extreme highs. A Kimber Silver Streak solved that problem and led to eternal bliss. Highly recommended. I paid 200.00 used for a 1 meter pair of Silver Streak cables with the WBT rca connectors.
I use a pair of Kimber Silver Streaks between preamp and amp(both solid state). The SS's would fit well into your system if it is on the relaxed side but may have too much zing on top in an already bright system.
Hope this helps.
I have used Silver Steak for many years. It is definitely a little zingy up top. As always, its best to try a pair in your system. Silver streak is an easy sale if it does not work out for you. Hopefully you don't have any leaness in your system as the Kimber won't help that.