Kimber silver KCAG and directionality

I always use the band label side signal going into the equipment. Is this right for Kimber or does it even matter with these interconnects. Mike
I think if you listen to them.. you could decide if they have a direction.
I can promise at least on person will make something up, and at least another, who doesn't really know, THINKS they know and will give you another answer.
Finding out for yourself is what matters.
Otherwise it can and often is "The Emperors new clothes"
I do own one pair of Kimber silver one meter interconnects.
I found suggestion in other topic by member Rrog. It makes sense. I have had Kimber KCAG in the past as well, and also was in search for help about directionality, i think the correct answer is somewhere deep in the discusions on audioasylum forum, but I cant find it anymore. Therefore you should follow Rrogs suggestion.

02-23-10: Rrog
If there are no arrows use the writing on the cable jacket. The signal should follow the direction of the writing.
Rrog (Answers)