Kimber Select vs Cardas Golden...

Can anyone compare the sonic signatures of Kimber Select KS-3033 vs Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference for me.

Please post only if you have heard the respective cables on the same system.

Interested in hearing about tonal balance, resolution, dynamics, and soundstage.

Thanks for any input.
Hi Samfreeman,

Email me privately and we`ll discuss. I use both Kimber Select ic`s, pc`s and speaker cables as well as the Cardas. Have much success with both.

happy listening
I use Cardas Golden Reference IC's from amp to pre and am thinking of trying Kimber. Care to reveal details of your experience?

I owned both.
The Kimber have more air, the bass response seems extended and the upper midrange is a *bit* forward (maybe that's why it sounds airy).
It' very impressive at the beginning but after a few months i sold them.
The Cardas sounded more round, present, less "hifi" but not more neutral to my ears : the midrange is definitely forward.
I sold it too.
I'm curious, what cables did you replace the Cardas with, and which Cardas cable was it?

I agree with Ndeslions but I found the Cardas to be more bloated in the mids, yet warm.