Kimber Select upgrade

Just for others who may have had doubts (like me), I upgraded the inteconnects between my Audio Research preamp and VTM 200s from the Kimber KCTG to the Kimber select 1120 and I have to say it was an improvement (not enormous but substantial). I didn't believe it would make that much difference because I thought the KCTG cable was excellent and that any improvement would be so marginal as to not be worth the $$. I would suggest you do like I did and find a dealer that will let you buy them and try them in your system and if you aren't impressed enough you can return them no questions asked.
I will not be returning mine.
I also went the same path as you going from KCTG to 1111 then 1130 between my Wadia 861 and Krell fpb 300 then 400cx I did not use the 1111's on the 400cx.I did enjoy the improvments. But have since moved on to Synergistic Research designer Reference Active. In my system they were quite a bit better than the Kimbers.
I too went from Kimber PBJ to Hero to Select 1011 and made a quantum leap each time. Better bass, lower noise floor, smoother response and better musicality were the result.

I also went from 4TC speaker cables to 3033 Select with same results as going from PBJ to Select 1011.

The Cable Company has a cable lending library where you can borrow cables at a nominal fee for a week or so and return them with no obligation to purchase. I have made much use of this service.