Kimber select speaker cable question

Can anyone tell me if Kimber Select 3033 speaker cable is directional?

Yes it is, look for an arrow on the barrel - it will be located on the speaker end only.
Pops is correct.

PS - Fantastic cables for the money.
I see it now. Thanks.

The cable has surprised me at how good it is for the money.
I love my KS 3033. Great speaker cable for the money I have no reason to change. In my system its wonderful.
I had all Kimber Select silver, including 3038 speaker cables, in my main system, and all Kimber Select copper in a second system, including 3033 speaker cables. While it is important to point out that cabling is very system-dependent, I found that the 1030 all-silver interconnects were noticeably better than the 1021 all-copper interconnects. As for the speaker cables, however, they were actually quite close and it was hard to justify the big increase in price for the 3038. This was with three different amps and three different preamps. Again because synergy is important, you may have very different results, but in my experience in my systems, I found 3033 to be very, very good.
I agree with your comments Raquel. Do you still use Kimber Select and which ones on each source?

Also, what are your power cords?

Happy Listening

I swapped out my Kimber for Jena Labs Symphony several years ago. Each cable has its strengths.

In response to your question about power cords, I try to stay away from after-market power cords because they tend to f-ck with high frequencies - everything upstream of my amps is fed by a PS Audio power regenerator, which largely obviates the need for special power cords. I do still run a Kimber PK(?)-10 power cord (the model below the Palladium) to my amplifiers.