Kimber Select new Phono Interconnects

Some time ago Kimber introduced new phono interconnects in their Select line as well as Carbon phono in their carbon line.
The Select phono interconnects are considerably higher priced than regular copper, hybrid or silver ICs in their Select line.
I wonder if there are any users of these phono IC and could share their experience.
These IC seems to have low capacitance and shielding and are dedicated to connect turntable with phonostage (a very weak signal from the cartridge).
I need a cable between active step up and phonostage so amplificated cartridge signal but still quite week. I wonder if their phono cable would be better for that use or rather regular analog interconnect.
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So you need an IC between an active step up (head amp) and phono stage? I have a Marcof PPA-1. I use an Audioquest Silver Extreme. $90 from HCM. Formerly sold for $400! At the sale price can't be beat! Why pay more?