Kimber Select KS-1120 - People getting duped

Apparently a lot of folks are selling or buying KS-1120 claiming (innocent or not) that it is a silver/copper hybrid, and asking/or paying the difference (sometimes over $200 more over other copper Select cables).

Please, KS-1120 is NOT a hybrid. It is all copper. The newer version, KS-1121 is a true silver/copper hybrid.

The RCA/SE version KS-1020 is a hybrid silver/copper, but the XLR/balanced version is not.

You are better off buying KS-1111 than KS-1120 since it is all copper as well, and a newer design (and sounds better anyhow).
Thanks for the heads-up... I checked it out and you are absolutely right!. I was going to buy the 1120 until I luckily read your post. I'll wait for the KS 1021/1121 :)