Can anybody name alternatives to the KS 3038 speaker cable when it comes to connecting the McIntosh MC 20000 tube amp to the REVEL ULTIMA system? Is it worth the price?
Is bi-wiring necessary in that case?
I run KS interconnects in my system: KS 1130 between WADIA 27ix and REVEL LE-1 crossover/bass amp and the 1120 between the LE-1 and the MC2000.
Currently I use AUDIOQUEST Midnight speaker cable (bi-wired) and it's nice but I reckon this cable doesn't fit the components at all?
Jena Labs cable would be my first choice. Nordost cables would be my second. Either of them would be a big improvement over the AQ stuff as well as the Kimber Select.

I used to have 3038 and they are just wonderful
cables. Smooth, transparent, detailed, and musical.
Just too much $$$$ for speaker cables. Now I am using
Stealth UR cost only 1/3 of the 3038 but I got 99%
of most of the thing. The Stealth is even better in
"contineouness" which 3038 still has some high freq
"highlights" compared to Stealth.

My $0.02
I have found that it is always a good practice to stay with the same material on cables. For example the interconnects you mention are all silver. The 3038 is also all silver. A perfect match. I use the KS1030 IC's with the 3038's and am in heaven. I don't bi-wire. I never heard a benefit. I have been absolutely thrilled since switching to an all silver configuration. I would guess that the 3035 and associated IC's would give you 90% of the performance of the silver without breaking the bank so to speak. You did not mention the associated components.
Consider the Silver Audio Symphony 48’s or the Bear Labs Silver Thunder cable.
HArmonic Tech Magic Woofer, and second Lak's Bear Labs reco.
First off, put your Midnights in the closet- you have cables worth 100 on the used market sending signal from your 15,000 amp to your 15,000 speakers. What's wrong with this picture?

If you want 3038's there is a listing on a website called higher-fi They are asking 2900 for a 10' pair of 3038's. I see he has marked them down over the past few weeks and I watch that site closely.

I purchased 3035's from them they were in "demo" condition. Not perfect - but.. good. and I was able to shave off a few (several) hundred dollars by negotiating. So... Maybe you can do the same if you must have the Kimber 3038's.

Given the capability of your system - It seems logical you would want to use the best cables possible -- but there is the chance that you could get too much of a good thing with the 3038's and need to take a step back -- in that case, get the midnights out of the closet, sell the 3038's and start hunting for a better match.

Demo if you can.

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