Kimber Select 3033 vs AudioQuest?

Has anyone compared these cables? Do they sounded alike? what are their strength and weakness?
Which one should I choose for Classe CA401 to Thiel 2.4?
I cannot speak for Kimber, since I haven't heard their Select range of cables. However, I have tried all AudioQuest silver speaker cables - KE-4, KE-6, Kilimanjaro and Everest - and they are all absolutely fabulous.

First off, they sound unlike any silver cable I heve heard before - i.e. thay are not bright, sharp or hard. Istead they portray instruments totaly neutral way, with natural warmth and body - not unlike best copper wires.

With AQ, I heard definition and resolution that I didn't even know was possible. Simply spectacular. The delicate brush work, the low level detail, the harmonic richness, were all beathtaking. The soundstaging is holographic.

The cheapest one, KE-4, is somehow limited in it's bass response (those are 4 tiny wires afterall) so I would'n recommend it for anything else than minimonitor or SET based system that doesn't do bass anyway.

KE-6, which uses double the conductors, is much better in this regard. In fact it does not give up much from his bigger and more expensive brother - 6000$ Kilimanjaro (which I own) and as such, is the best value for money from the whole AQ silver lineup.

The Everest - which is a state of the art cable in every regard and quite simply, the best cable I have ever heard - is even slightly better than Kilimanjaro, but at 12.000$ is hard to recommend unles you have SOTA system and money to burn.
Luna: Kimber Select 3033 and Audioquest's cables in the same price range are both excellent products, but which one will work best for you can only be determined by directly comparing them both in your system (you also need to first determine that the cables are fully broken-in).

This is because speaker cables and interconnects interact greatly with the other components in a given system -- how a particular speaker cable sounds in one system cannot be relied upon as a predictor of how that cable will sound in another system as a result. Because of this system synergy issue, even opinions of persons who have compared these two speaker cables directly will more likely than not be misleading, unless that person happens to have the exact same components, the same listening room, the same tweaks, and same electrical supply, etc., as you (which is of course impossible). This is particularly true with Kimber Select and Audioquest's high-end line, as both are very transparent and revealing of the differences between the components you are using them with. Finally, all components interact with each other and their performance will thus vary from system to system, but cabling in particular is extremely system-dependent.

Buy or borrow both, make sure they are completely broken in, compare them in your system, keep the winner and resell the loser.

PS - I owned 3033, which is an all-copper cable, for three years (I use 3038, the all-silver version, in my main system). If you intend to compare 3033 to Audioquest, I presume you would want to compare it to the Audioquest all-copper speaker cable in the same price range.
Thanks for the support. I actually have problems with too much trebles at the moment. I want to know which cable will help me calm down the brightness?
Hi, I would like to conclude this thread with my final choice for those who are interested.
My system:
Meridian 206/24, Audio Research SL-16, ClasseÂ’ CA-401, Thiel 2.4
I had at the time listened to 5 cables:
Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference; MIT850; Kimber Monocle xl. and my own Gryphone Redline reference.

Golden Cross has too much bass and warmth.
Golden Reference has great timings and rhythms but a little forward in the mid-highs at high volume.
MIT is toooo sweet!
Kimber is lively with good dynamic and is almost right. But a bit forward as the Golden reference and in high volume.
My Gryphone has the best dynamic and air! (silver and gold conductors.) But way too forward for my system!
AudioQuest Volcano sounds very different from the rest by being the most laid back! Almost too neutral! I found it has less impact then any of the others at first but in time it allows me to listen deeper into the music. The distribution of tonal range is very even. I am able to hear more background instruments that were overshadowed by the more dynamic sounding cables. I can also get higher volume but no fatigues.
I am happy with my purchase
I own classe amps and JMlab Diva. I have heard Thiel 2.4 and there are some similarities to the DIVA. I have grappled with issue of too much treble. I have had KS3033, Au24 & Ridge St speakers cable for shootout with a friend. For my sys, Ridge St is best by far with the most detail, layering and all the right qualities. It was not bright at all and certainly not brighter than the other two copper cables. Au 24 was second: it emphasize midrange and was friendly for voices and vioin. It may work to your advantage with slighty roll off treble. Kimber has the strongest base and pretty well rounded and neutral. I really wanted to keep it because of the looks and the build quality. It sounded a little bit coarse comparing to the Ridge St Poiema.

As for too much treble, try less toe in, check the room, maybe power conditioning may help.

You have to try in your own system. Buy used, keep the one you prefer.