Kimber Select 1136 compared to 1130


I use KS 1130 and KS 3038 in my system in addition to some digital cables.
I use 1130 directly from my dCS dac into my BAT 600 M SE monoblocks, speakers are SF strad.
Question is about the "new" KS 1136 compared to KS1130, is there any users having experience changing from 1130 to 1136 and what are the difference in sound?
It is a costly upgrade since I need cables of minimum 2 metres I think due to the monoblock configuration.

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I borrowed pairs of KS 1130 and KS 1136 from a dealer, and I tried them both for connecting a Krell 202 preamp to a Burmester 911 Mk3 amplifier. The 1136 was clearly better. With it in place there was a "sparkle" that I had not heard before. It probably has something to do with the ultra low input impedance of the Burmester. The extra wires in the 1136 probably lowered impedance and resistance. I bought a one meter pair of the KS 1136, and at my request the Kimber factory inverted the pin connections in order to get correct phase (the Krell has pin 2 non-inverting, the Burmester has pin 2 inverting). My speaker cables are KS 3033 bi-wired.
I had the pleasure of listening to the KS 1030 vs the KS 1036 with Dick Diamond (formerly with Kimber) in my home with my new YG Anat IIs. These are the single ended versions of the models you reference but perhaps my experience will have relevance.

I think the extra conductors of the "36" models may ameliorate impedance mismatches between preamp and amp as Kusina suggests, but could impair the delicacy and nuance of signal transmission between line level sources and the preamp.

I have found the lower stranded "30" to have more liveliness, dynamics, soundstage, quickness, air and PRAT with front end sources to the preamp than the "36".

Sometimes less is more.

More or less.
I use Kimber Select throught my McIntosh system. I love my KS 1030`s and KS 1021`s. I`ve heard the new 1136 and 1036 and agree with Khrys comments. Wonderful cables but at a considerable amount of more money is my opinion. Just remember it`s all about the music that matters most.
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I think I stay with my 1130 but if I have the possibility to listen to 1136, who knows.
Problem in Norway is that most of the sellers don't have this cable in stock, so difficult to listen before buy.
I have heard that the 1136/1036 should give a bit more punch in the bass and I was curious about that.

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