Kimber Select 1021 vs Nordost Red Dawn

I am currently using a Nordost Red Dawn Rev II RCA for my DAC to CDP connection. I like my current setup and I am wondering if a Kimber Select 1021 interconnect would smoothen every thing and enhances the musicality. Need advice and other comments.... Thanks!

FYI, I'm using a Kimber Select KS2020 digital cable and the result is exactly like vanilla cream being added to the music.... so so smooth and totally no ear fatique syndrome....just fearful that an additional Kimber will "mute" the music. Thnaks!
I've tested this two cables at home in my system. the Kimber was the winner. And I bought it. The Kimber 1021 does everything the Nordost does and as better timbre definition, no dynamic restrain, it's a more natural cable, but with no vanilla..
Yes, pitch definition is for real, not the sizzling of the Nordost, wich may sound good in some system for some ears. Try a record with a violin, with the Kimber you have it, with the Nordost you have something.
I use Kimber Select throughout my system and seems to me the more Kimber I use the better the system sounds. I`ve got the KS 1021 on my phono stage, KS 1030 on digital sources, KS 1011 on fm and xm tuners for speaker cables the Kimber Bi Focal XL with Kimber PK 10 Gold and PK 14 Gold power cords. No ``mute`` with the system.

happy listening
I assume that you mean you use Red Dawn for your DAC to Preamp connection? I also use Red Dawn for CD player to preamp and also preamp to amp. Using tube gear I love the sound, the extra speed and transparency of Nordost is a great match to the warmth of tubes. Whatever you end up doing I would suggest checking out cable synergy, that is using the same brand all the way through. Happy listening!
I apologise.... I mean I'm currently using the Red Dawn for the DAC to Integrated amp. Looks like I need to go with the Kimber 1021 now unless there is some serious objection. The unfortunate thing is I'm not able to loan a pair to try....
Ok here it goes, MY preference is Kimber Select 1111 over the more expensive models the all copper solution is like velvet to your ears and if you listend for very long periods you will not regret your choice 100% COPPER