Kimber PK10 vs Pangea AC-9SE

I am using a Creek Destiny 2 integrated amplifier and thinking of upgrading the power cable. There is no audio store nearby to audition both cables. Have anyone compared Kimber PK10 vs Pangea AC-9SE? Which cable sound better? Kimber PK10 is only $80 more than AC9SE.
Both cables are sold by Audio Advisor, with a 30 day return for full refund.
Buy both use for two weeks and return one.
Ask them if this is OK by them first. Then you will not be guilty of just cheating them.
I bet they say that is fine to do.
I a crazy for Pangea, but that is just me. The AC9SE is rather expensive. I use both AC9 And AC9SE in my system.
Cullen power cords are looking interesting to me. I was going to go pangea ac-9 and ac14se, but I think I'm going to try cullen power cords instead. search here on audiogon under the buy section for cullen. See what you think.

I am looking for a PC for my new HK 990 and am looking at trying one of the Pangea AC 9's. Is there a special place top find the AC-9SE version? I only see the AC-9 on their site.

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Audio advisor sells the AC-9SE at
So does amazon