Kimber PK 10 Ascent or Triode Wire Labs Digital American For A Digital Source


Looking for a power cable for a digital source and probably narrowed it down to Kimber PK 10 Ascent with Gold Wattgate plugs or Triode Wire Labs Digital American.

Can anyone with experience with either or both cords please share your experience in terms of their respective characteristics?


Pk10 ascent 15A is for amp isn't ? Digital pc I will go with audience power chord or nordost if your system is on the dark side,call CT maybe Bob can help you...
Yes, the PK10 Ascent is supposedly for an amp but I am told it has a smoother treble than the PK 14.

My system is just right now. It was on the bright side and I hate a tipped up treble so neither Audience or Nordost will work for me.

I just want to replace the stock cords on a streamer or CD transport without changing the tone I have too much.

From your two options, I would probably go with the Kimber with Wattgate connectors for a digital source.  The Triode Digital American model uses un-plated copper IEC/plug and these are not very high resolution.  The brass elements in the Wattgate connectors work better for the "constant voltage" needed in digital sources.  I have had a lot of success in using the brass Wattgate connectors in digital sources, but I would not necessarily use Wattgate for a preamp/amplifier.

Wattgate brass conductors push hard on the voltage and are good for digital.  A Rhodium plated connector would be an upgrade and give you even more high frequency "openness".  In my opinion.

Mikey call CT technology  audition a CT pc ,my ic and speaker cable took out any brightness on my system and more...what do you have to lose, ..maybe the most you will pay is shipping back the cable...