Kimber PBJ vs DNM Reson interconnects

I am about to purchase either one of the said interconnects. I won't have the luxury to do an A/B comparison. This cable will go between my Assemblage DAC2 (w/upgrades) to my PS Audio 5.6 preamp. Rest of my system is as follows:
PS Audio Delta 100 amp
Esoteric 700 transport
Mirage OM-7 speakers
Alpha Core Micro Purls silver between amp-preamp
Monster M1.4 speaker cables
Cardas Lighning Digital cable
Any suggestions as to what cable I should go for? I had these interconnects before and as far as I remember, they both have the same sort of sonic characteristics: upfront, lively, transparent - good cables for the money. Comments????
The DNM should blow away the PBJ. I've owned both (still have the DNM) and don't think they're in the same league.
They're both nice in that price range, but I always thought the DNM were a little more balanced.
don't know the DNM but PBJ's have bettered many more top flight cables in my system. they are solid as a rock