Kimber PBJ pre-amp to amp?

Hello all, I am hooking up my old Sunfire Cinema Grand amp to my Rx-v2700 Yamaha Receiver... I have Monster Z2 Speaker cable (mains) and an Arcam Cd73 Cd player with Kimber PBJ's..and a Pioneer Blu-Ray on HDMI. I LOVE the way the PBJ's sound on the Arcam.. I feel like the PBJ's would be a good match for the Sunfire Amp from the Yamaha as Pre and using my existing speaker cables. I am using Def Tech BP7002's and CLR 2500 Center Speaker , Infinity rear speakers (monster Superflat) and a Sunfire True Sig Sub. What do you guys think? Thanks for any help before I go out spend some $$ on the PBJ's.

Since you seem to like the PBJ's, may as well stick with them .
Anybody else? I am thinking that I will get good sound just not sure if anyone has any similar experiences with Kimber PBJ's and using them as Pre-Amp To Amp interconnects... with the Sunfire Amp and Yamaha Receiver..


PBJ's are a great interconnect for cd, tuner, etc. But for your pre to amp try to get your hands on a set of hero's, orignal retial about 100bucks, you will get better bass extension and more detailed highs. Good luck
Here is my long time experience with these budget Kimber. Take it with a grain of salt since this is IMS:

1. PBJ is clean, clear ( if you like "extended hi-frequency" )but will be harsh on bright recording.

2. Hero is smoother but carefully listening you will see its dark side: bloating in bass and mid-range areas and lacking of the PBJ sparks in " extended- hi" frequency.

The best track to hear the difference between the two is the " Galaxia", 1st track of the CD heartleft by the Fourplay. PBJ is sizzling with the sounds of the cymbals whereas Hero is dull but bassy.

You can see the tall trees with a lot of sharp and pointy tops whereas you can see the forest but not all the trees. The choice is yours or just mix and match to your liking.

Go listen to some more Kimber budget, the Silverstreak ( shy of bass but huge improvement over the PBJ). PJB or Silverstreak for sources/ Hero for pre to amp is also my recommendation.

Good luck and enjoy while your hearing still can tell the differences but your mind cannot decide which cable is better overall.

I am going to try the PBJ's first.. Now i just need a good aftermarket power cord for my Sunfire Amp.. thinking of the new Pangea Cords from audio advisor.. soes anyone know if these are as good as the PS Audio's? They have the same designer.. so i am not sure..

Shunyata offers the Diamond Back Platinum on sale @ 1/2 MSRP . IMHO, it's one hell of a NIB deal. Good luck.