Kimber MonocleXL vs MonocleX

Hi All,

I am busy looking for new speaker cables and my mind is set on either the Kimber MonocleXL or the Kimber MonocleX. Of course, the only limiting factor will be the price. I would thus like to know if there is a major difference between the two? Has anyone done a comparison between them?

They are going to be used between and Electrocompaniet ECI-3 amplifier and Gallo Reference III speakers. Please note that these will only be used for now on the 'speaker-in' input of the Gallo Ref III's. I will get separate speaker cables for the sub-in when the SA amp comes out. The 'speaker-in' however is not only mids/highs, it is of course full range.

Do you guys think there will be much difference (sonically) between the MonocleX and MonocleXL?

On kimners site there is a review comparing Bi focal Xl to Bifocal X I believe the differences would translate to the Monocle.
I would save my money and go for something in the Select line. I have seen a few pairs of the 3033's list here on Audiogon for less than $1k. I started with the 3033's and have upgraded to the 3035's, big step up. I know that right now there are a couple of pairs of 3033's listed here on Audiogon. I know that you said you are pretty well set on the Monocle cables, but IMO you might be happier with the Select 3033's.
Hi There,

It is really a question of price. Living in South Africa I need to factor in issues such as shipping costs, high exchange rates and import duties. My budget will unforunately not allow me to go for a pair of Selects. In the future however that would be the next step up obviously, but for now the Monocle X\XL's are within the budget (also used/demo). Are there any other cables you could suggest within the same price range as used Monocle's?

Why not call Gallo and ask what they like on their speakers?
The Acoustic Zen Satori is also a good choice and you might be able to get the AZ's cheaper than the Kimber's.
Really? Have not heard them....I would think that the Hologram II would be around the same class as MonocleXL, no?