Kimber Monocle XL

I am intending on purchasing new speakers in the new year (probably Dynaudio) and will be needing to get rid of my Synergistic Research Signature X10 biwire cables (Dynaudio are not biwirable). My budget is approximately $750-. Based on my web research, the monocle xl seem to be a good choice based on my listening preferences. Any comments from owners of this cable? Any other suggestions? Audioquest seems to be another popular choice but are priced outside of my range.
I have owned the Monocle XL and the Bifocal XL. I would try to buy used AQ Volcano older( red model) or Mont Blanc. The sound characteristics are similar, the Volcano has a bigger sound but the Mont Blanc are VERY nice. I currently have volcano and prefer the detail/warmth both of these AQ cables offer over the Kimber warmth.
Hi Adam - why not wait until you have the speakers and have a chance to use the Sig 10X cables on them? You can always combine two (+) and two(-) spades under the binding posts of your new Dyn's at least to be able to hear what they sound like together.
My experience too has lead me to Audioquest over Kimber. Also...if you biwire, use seperate cables (they can be wrapped + and-), however don't use the bifocals method of combined ++ and--)

The Monacle XL is a very fine cable, but the Kimber Select 3033 is better and not a lot more expensive.

That said, be very wary of cable recommendations -- cable synergy is very unpredictable. The smart way to choose cabling is to try various cables in your own system.
I will definitely look into the KS 3033 and the AQ Volcano. However, neither seem to come up too often on Audiogon.
Kimber products hold their value, I haven't seen any 3033 under $1000 on the Gon but older versions of the Volcano come up all the time at $750 or less( thus the dollar to value recommendation of Volcano). You can purchase either try them and if your not satisfied sell it and try the other, this probably sounds like a hassle but both companies sell well and either is a good enough choice to live with just try the AQ first!!!