Kimber makes my amp hum???

Kimber select and hero both from my dvd/cd player in varibale outs hum through the speakers bad. If I disconnect the interconnect from the amp, it quits. If I use a DV-30 coax by kimber it does not hum. Or a monster 1000 it does not hum. I was just wondering why? Is it the Kimber non shielding? Amp is a Bryston 2-b st. Just wierd???
Yes, Kimber Select line and Hero non-shielding design IC.All Monster cables are shielded.
Yes, the hum was more of a buzz. And loud. With them plugged into the amp whether in the source or just hanging. I wonder if that was the noise I was hearing when my system was all hooked up? What cable would be better to use from amp to pre? Thanks
Yes the Kimber Select do not have shield, wich makes them more susceptible to noise, but have a lower capacitance compared to a shielded cable, wich is good soundwise. But then you are having a RFI problem. You must investigate if it's generated by one of your components or is a external source. In either case you have a problem that is degrading your signal.
As a Kimber select owner I can only say that I have a black background in my system.
I wonder if it is from the "brickwall" series surge suppressor it components are plugged into?