Kimber KS 3035 vs Nordost Valhalla speaker cables

Any thought on sound of these cables.I have heard Kimber KS 3035 and was stunned with the improvment over my Vecteur cables.What about Nordost Valhalla,is it better cable then Komber or just matter of preference?
If you don't at least try those Anti-Cables you really don't know what you are talking about. I had top of the line Audioquest, Kimbers,Nordost, Purist, name it and Anti-Cables were the best in MY system. Audioquest Sky/Everest came in second. Spending a lot of money does NOT mean the cables sound better...only that you buy into audio jewelry...and I am being polite.
True story. I work part time at a dealer who sold a pair of vandersteen 2ci speakers to a customer, he called back after a couple of days complaining that the speakers must be damaged, they sounded broken, he said. we told him to break in the speakers more, they are not broken. after a couple more weeks he called up convinced that they had shipping damage, because they did not sound good, he brought them back to the store, They sounded great. Must be a problem with something else in your system, we told him, bring in the rest of your gear and we will listen to it at the store. he did, and the problem turned out to be his anticable speaker cables, easily the worst sounding speaker cables I have ever heard,It made his system sound broken, he ended up buying kimbers, problem solved. He was shocked [and so were we] just how bad the anticables were interacting with his system, I call it Anti-synergy.
IMO Valhalla speaker cable are probably a better match with tube amps. When I had them in my system, they leaned out the mid bass and pushed the treble out ( not meaning bright) too much. MIT are a superior match for my amps and speakers. I still use Valhalla IC's. As other's have said, it all depends on amp speaker synergies.