Kimber Kable:Spker Cable: Which offers best sound?

Kimber Kable has produced some excellent speaker cable over the years.

Which model offers the "best overall sound" and is the "best value"....8tc; 12tc; or Monacle I?? Can they effectively compete with other high-end speaker cables from Nordost, Analysis Plus, AudioQuest, MIT, etc, etc??
The 4tc, 8tc and 12tc are the same cables, just with more strands. The difference is sound is more noticeable in the bottom end.

They offer decent value for money but are easily beatable is you spend a little more.
I replaced 4TC Kimbers with Nordost Blue Heaven Revision II Bi- Wires. No better than what I had. Save your money. I only did it because I made money on the Kimbers and got the Nordost for 210.00 2M
To Polk 432, let me ask you to clarify. Is that the NEW LEIF line from Nordost?? If so, well, that is troubling news because I've read bits and pieces that the new LEIF Nordost line is supposed to be superior to the old stuff. Matter of fact. the Nordost rep claimed that the new model called "Purple Flair" (below BH model) may be the best bang for the buck, and comes in approx at $325-370 for 8ft pair. Go figure!!!!
Sunnyjim, Mine are the older issues. Revision II. Insulation is Extruded Teflon, conductors x72 round micro litz, material 50 microns silver plated 99.99999 ofc, capacitance 8.6pF /ft, inductance 0.13uH /ft, 93% speed of light... Leif Purple Flare, insulation FEP, conductors silver plated 99.99999 ofc solid core, inductance 0.17 uh/ft, 95% speed of light. Hear any difference? I'd have to have an AB test before shelling out the money. I had a pair of Morrow audio SP-3's that sounded equally as good as the Kimbers and Nordost, and were much lighter and easier to use. Good luck either way, but don't fall for the hype. Would you pay the amount they want for Odin? I'd buy a better component first. Happy listening.
Polk 432, Thanks for the clarification about the Nordost speaker cable. About a month ago, I almost went for Morrow speaker cable, and later would jump to the SP-6. However, I saw a thread on AG from a member who claimed the Morrow speaker cable has a long, long break in period, PLUS an "up and down" cycle where they seem to have finally broken-in and sound great, and then a few days later sound awful. The long break in period is bad enough, but I have never read in my 40 years in audio, a cable that is mercurial or (call it) moody with ups and downs of sound quality. I bought a used Morrow Audio MA-3 interconnect last year which is good, but not great

Unfortunately, I recently changed two things in my system: CD and speaker cable, and am now having a problem trying to figure why there seems to be a loss of dynamics and some detail in the mid-range....I know, Dumb Move!!

Mike M's REF speaker cable may be worth every penny, but I don't to wait until they cart me away to the Happy Valley Senior Home before the cable reaches its peak in sound. I might be able to buy the new Nordost for about 30% off list from a local dealer friend. I'll keep you posted as things change hopefully toward the positive
I used Kimber and Nordost. Kimber on a basic system and Nordost on the main system. Nordost Leif series rocks, especially the Purple Flare and Red Dawn which are both 6 element vs 4 element from the White Lightning or LS Blue Heaven. The two companies sound simialr with Kimber being slightly warmer and the Nordost offereing added speed, air and transparency. Both of my systems are based around B&W speakers. The smaller system is 100percent Kimber whiles the other also mixes Transparent, VDH, Cardas and Shunyata due to the six sources.
Banerjba. Thank you for the comparison between the Nordost and Kimber. You are the only person to report on Nordost new Leif series.The major mags don't seem to care about reviewing cables any longer, unless they are super expensive.

The Purple Flair model was recommended by the Nordost the "best value" in the line. However, do you think there is a big difference in the sound quality between them and the new Red Dawn speaker cable?? There is major difference in the price for sure, the RD is $850 more than the PF. The issue for me is whether the Purple Flair will be cable enough for my Acoustic Zen Adagios.And it seems the LS Blue Heaven offers very little over the PF.

I like the idea of a faster more transparent cable, just as long it is equally as musical. Thank you for comments Anything more you can add about the Nordost will be appreciated. BTW, Are you using the Kimber 8tc or the 12tc speaker cable for the smaller system??
I replaced Kimber Select 3035 speaker cable and the top Select interconnect with Crimson Cables at a fraction of the cost. YMMV.
Iv'e had Morrow's SP3 biwire on my mains for about 2yrs and after the burn in they remain consistent after the 400hr or so mark and I know what to expect when I hit play!Burn in is simple use white noise for 12hrs on and 30 min off this takes no time at all given its 400 hrs, plus after the 70hr dip they are listenable. I also have the MA3 xlr and like them better than AQ's Columbia from preamp to amp, Now I did just order another set of MA3 xlr's to run from my Oppo 95 to preamp to see if the Columbia's where adding or subtracting from the sound but as it stands the current configuration is very good! But to hear the Morrow's through out will settle my curiosity!
I had Kimber 12tc as well as Monicle which is better Teflon jacket
The Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 Loudspeaker cable is exceptional .
I have compared this with Kimber select, Nordost ,and Cardas up to
$3500 for a 10 ft pair and is Vvery good .the most articulate tight Bass
I have ever had from a cable in my system a very balanced cable with a detailed warm midrange.
The best combination for interconnect Silver Analysis new In- connect
Very good , as well as the new Darwin Ascention Plus, or Revelation
Audio Labs,these will compete with cables 2x + their cost.
It is all about system synergy .