Kimber Kable Select

Hey Newbee here. But an older newbee (60) Long story greatly condensed. I have inherited two speaker cords. They are Kimber Kable brand "select" 3035 
I really don't know much about them and am not useing them. They're huge and quite sophisticated looking. Beyond my scope of knowledge for sure. Anyone familiar with these ?

The Select line is Kimber's best.  I've been using both their KS1130 and 1030 interconnects, for a few years now, with excellent results.   Their Select speaker cables come as all copper, copper and silver or all silver Varistrand conductors.  There are also two tiers, within the Select line: 3000 series and 6000, the 6000s having a greater number of conductors.  The ones you have (copper and silver hybrid) are in the middle of their KS3000 speaker cable line up.  Here's some info and pricing: (
Wow ! I had no idea. I appreciate your input. I  guess the question now, is there a market for them? 

there is, and this is it...
Sorry, but this doesn't sound right.  Anybody can throw Kimber Select into Google and find out a ton about them and how much they cost.  When somebody comes around in this day and age acting like a babe in the woods, your suspicions should definitely be raised.  Yes, I could be wrong, but better safe than sorry, IMO. 
Why would it matter? Is he trying to sell them?
If you were to list them in AudioGon's classified section, at a reasonable price, I'm certain they'd sell.
"is there a market for them?" sure sounds like chayro  said, easy enough to research price...
Hey not trying to come off like a babe in the woods. I've just never been exposed to this caliber of equipment. My wife was widowed in 2006 before her husband passed he bought lots of high end audio gear. With the help of an audio home installation person, we have incorporated most of the stuff. What we did not use, I did not appreciate. My wife found the receipt from september 2006 from Audio Concepts in Dallas TX. 
1pr Kimber Select KS 3035 12' w/0645s
2pr Kimber Select KS 1130, 1m
1 WBT-0481 tool
2set Quadraspire QS floor guards, set of 4
This info was found after my initial post, sorry should have had stuff together before I posted. 
This equipment was purchased in 2006 and boxed since 2008 
All humidity controlled stuff.I would like to see them go to someone who would appreciate them. I have not done this before. This is my first attempt to "reach" out. 

Kimber is both popular and well respected and has good value
I'm thinking I should have gone to the classified area first and done my research better. I apologize for any cyber faux pas.

No problem asking an honest question. Now you have more information and knowledge and you can better research items for yourself.

Thanks lak, you're right. Bit of a stumble out of the gate.

Emojo, your motives may well be honest, but there is a lot of fraud in this and every other aspect of internet (and non-internet) dealings. It is not uncommon for someone to come around saying "I’ve just come into possession of a Linn CD12 (20K) and I really don’t know anything about it... etc" Then, someone who thinks they can take advantage of this poor seller who has no idea what he has, offers to buy it cheap and ends up with nothing. So now, when I’m hearing this same type of story, my suspicious instincts kick in. Certainly nothing personal.
You have some very good and expensive cables and I have no doubt they will sell if you list them at a reasonable price.  Best of luck to you. 
Thanks for your response chayro. I've never sold anything on line and friends much more knowledgable than me kept mentioning Audiogon. The reason I came here is because I really do want to sell them but I want to sell them to someone who would appreciate them. I too, am wary of the cyber world. You've helped me without ripping my head off. I appreciate that. I didn't intend to turn the Kimber Select forum into my personl drama. One more stupid question, does this forum stay up forever?

...thanks to rodman99999 too

How do I prove that I have what I have ? Photos ? 
When you post a classified you should definitely include photos of the actual cables.  And for the sake of all of our eyes, please use moderately high resolution and a flash if indoors so we can actually see the bloody things.  Read through other ads for speaker cables so you get an idea of the content people expect.  And price them realistically.  Unless they are current generation, used cables sell at a substantial discount from "retail", whatever that is. 
Substantial discount. So discount, say... 30% from the price paid ? 

If you've never been exposed to the internet market, you should start selling/buying some cheap stuff, get some feedback from buyers and than place for sale something more serious.
 How did you find out about Audiogon?
Emojo, as has been alluded to, there are lots of scams in the audio world as there are in the rest of the world.  There are many counterfeit products, Kimber included.  Since the items were purchased in an audio store I would recommend you take them back there or at least contact them to see if they would sell on consignment. If your story is legit (not saying it isn't) then this would be the easiest for you. 

30% off would be a fair place to begin, since what you have is still a current Kimber offering. That’s about what The Cable Company asks for their used 3035s ( There are those that counterfeit Kimber products, so- list the serial numbers and(hopefully) pics of the original packaging/air-tight box, documents and mention from whom they were purchased.  Regarding the above url:  click on the, "filter by manufacturer" tab and find Kimber, for price references.
Thanks for the imput rodman99999. I didn't know about fraud and especially counterfit products. I'm going to back out now and ruminate. I will contact Audio Concepts and get info from them as well.
 Again thanks.

Rodman99999, these cables are 10 years old, doubt he will sell for 70% of retail. I would suspect closer to 50% of retail.  You can try for 70%, but don't expect that much.  These cables are pretty common on the used market.
Emojo if you wanted you could call one of the Nates at Kimber and go over what you have and ask if there is a way to authenticate the cables. I've dealt with them before and they were very helpful.


consult Audio Concepts to make certain everything is in order, prior to selling any gear. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!