Kimber Kable - Naked Cables

Anyone tried them yet?

They were on static display last year at RMAF, unfortunately there was no demo available at the time.
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I highly doubt you’re gonna find anyone with these anytime soon. Not only are they really new, they are like $10,000+ for an interconnect. Maybe more. I can’t remember the exact price but it was so high I didn’t even ask anything else about them. lol 
Uber expensive cables that if you sneeze on will likely be damaged; this stuff just gets better and better. The name, too. Lol

Despite the series name, the built was pretty solid. The only thing they warned against sharp bends during the installation.


lol...I pretty much told them that I wouldn’t bother to try the IC’s unless they have full loom, i.e. IC, speaker and possibly power cords. The look on Kimber rep was priceless. I also gave him bit of hard time for not able to demo this cable with EMM flagship electronics. I think they missed the golden opportunity to create a buzz.
From what the rep was explaining to me, the build seems quite nice. I don’t know why they felt the need to add an actual crystal/semi-precious stone to the cable. To each his own I guess. They definitely look beautiful and I’m sure they sound wonderful. I love Kimber and have never been disappointed with the quality of sound and build of their products. The naked cables are just WAY out of my price range. LOL