Kimber Kable - Naked Cables

Anyone tried them yet?

They were on static display last year at RMAF, unfortunately there was no demo available at the time.
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Funny coincidence – I've just received my first stand-alone DAC, and am just beginning to wade into the digital cable water. A local dealer gave me a couple of cables to borrow, including a Kimber Select 2120, and it sounds superb. It also retails for ~$1800, and even with the discount it is far more than I was expecting to spend. So, while a drop in the bucket relative to the subject cable, I'm still torn!

Law of diminishing returns, I suppose, but I certainly can't see myself ever owning a five-figure interconnect.

Thanks. An interesting coincidence: there is a local seller offering a pair of Kimber KS1111 for <$400. Perhaps I should give them a try...

Thank you. Maple veneer, which, while understated, I have always liked. 

The Kimber to which I alluded is the 2120, which is a single digital XLR to connect a source with DAC. So I am currently using it between my SimAudio Moon 260 transport, and Denafrips Pontus DAC. It sounds excellent, but as suggested above, I can't fairly judge it in context as I have only auditioned one, far less expensive cable.

For XLR interconnects between the DAC and amp, I am using old Virtual Dynamic Davids, which I have owned and enjoyed for around 15 years now. Perhaps I could do better, but I try to avoid getting hooked to the upgrade merry-go-round, and it's easy enough to do when I consider the overall sound and synergy of a system to be excellent.