Kimber Kable - Naked Cables

Anyone tried them yet?

They were on static display last year at RMAF, unfortunately there was no demo available at the time.
I highly doubt you’re gonna find anyone with these anytime soon. Not only are they really new, they are like $10,000+ for an interconnect. Maybe more. I can’t remember the exact price but it was so high I didn’t even ask anything else about them. lol 
Uber expensive cables that if you sneeze on will likely be damaged; this stuff just gets better and better. The name, too. Lol

Despite the series name, the built was pretty solid. The only thing they warned against sharp bends during the installation.


lol...I pretty much told them that I wouldn’t bother to try the IC’s unless they have full loom, i.e. IC, speaker and possibly power cords. The look on Kimber rep was priceless. I also gave him bit of hard time for not able to demo this cable with EMM flagship electronics. I think they missed the golden opportunity to create a buzz.
From what the rep was explaining to me, the build seems quite nice. I don’t know why they felt the need to add an actual crystal/semi-precious stone to the cable. To each his own I guess. They definitely look beautiful and I’m sure they sound wonderful. I love Kimber and have never been disappointed with the quality of sound and build of their products. The naked cables are just WAY out of my price range. LOL 
I had a chance to talk to a Kimber rep where these were being auditioned.  They explained to me that these were designed and built primarily for the Chinese market.  That market wants and will pay for product features that greatly elevate the price of the product without increasing its performance.  That lines' flashier looks with the actual crystal appeals to that market.
One gets the impression reading the marketing blurb, especially with finleyville's comments, that they are far more about being jewellery with all the right "boxes" checked, than anything else.  Naked?  - check, Cotton - check, Crystals - check, Gold-Plated - check.

Even their marketing is somewhat misleading like this statement. Cotton at 1.3-1.4 is the Google value, and is based on a particular density, and being absolutely dry. Foamed polyethylene is 1.6, foamed polypropylene can get to 1.25, and both are far more moisture immune.  Cotton's dielectric constant changes so much with moisture that this property is used in textile processing for quality control.

Why cotton?

Cotton possesses excellent dielectric properties in respect to signal fidelity. This parameter is commonly referred to as the dielectric constant. Cotton has a value of 1.3 (1 is the ideal) 2-5 are the common values for most insulating polymers. For example Fluorocarbon has a value of 2.1 and Polyethylene a value of 2.25.

First pro review is out!

“The Naked interconnects represent an impressive leap in cabling technology. This translates into an audio connection that is highly revealing and adds no coloration to the music. As a reviewer, I appreciate their complete neutrality. As a music lover, I enjoy how they get me closer to the music. Come on in everyone, the water is great. It's awesome to go Naked”.
Funny coincidence – I've just received my first stand-alone DAC, and am just beginning to wade into the digital cable water. A local dealer gave me a couple of cables to borrow, including a Kimber Select 2120, and it sounds superb. It also retails for ~$1800, and even with the discount it is far more than I was expecting to spend. So, while a drop in the bucket relative to the subject cable, I'm still torn!

Law of diminishing returns, I suppose, but I certainly can't see myself ever owning a five-figure interconnect.

Thank you for your post. I hear you on laws of diminishing returns. I think Kimber KS-1026 is their sweet spot, not inexpensive but still reasonable when compared with competition. When I held the Naked IC in my hands, I couldn’t help feeling this rush to take them home and try them in my system. They were simply gorgeous and if I may say, a work of art.

Let’s see what would be the next cable in Naked series. I am torn between Wenge or Purple Heart Balanced connectors :-)

What wood veneer is your Harbeth M30.1?

Thank you. Maple veneer, which, while understated, I have always liked. 

The Kimber to which I alluded is the 2120, which is a single digital XLR to connect a source with DAC. So I am currently using it between my SimAudio Moon 260 transport, and Denafrips Pontus DAC. It sounds excellent, but as suggested above, I can't fairly judge it in context as I have only auditioned one, far less expensive cable.

For XLR interconnects between the DAC and amp, I am using old Virtual Dynamic Davids, which I have owned and enjoyed for around 15 years now. Perhaps I could do better, but I try to avoid getting hooked to the upgrade merry-go-round, and it's easy enough to do when I consider the overall sound and synergy of a system to be excellent.
If you’re happy with your system, I wouldn’t change anything. It’s easy to get carried away, been there done that.

But if you get the itch, grab a used bargain on a Kimber XLR. This addition may reap slightly better synergy :-)


Thanks. An interesting coincidence: there is a local seller offering a pair of Kimber KS1111 for <$400. Perhaps I should give them a try...