Kimber kable 8tc or 12tc warm?


i am searching for a warm speaker cable with rich mid and heavy wheight in bass and mid bass.

What do you think about the kimber tc?

Actually my system need to be warmed.

My system:

dynaudio contour s5.4 speaker
moon power amp
marantz ss preamp
moon dac
classé cd transport

all cable (ac and interconnect) are jps labs exept speaker cable are bis audio maestro(dry bass and neutral tone)

thank you
You have a nice system....cables cable can warm a system...Cardas, Purist Audio and Transparent are other choices for you. But your room (via room treatments) and speaker placement maybe a another thing to try...along with AC conditioning...

JPS labs is pretty good...not familiar with bis audio...I suspect speaker placement and room treatments might be a better option...if you haven't done this right not...(sorry just not sure given the info above)

hope this helps...good luck
I love the Kimber 12TC use it in many of my systems as well as that of clients

Good Listening